Amidst Sandcastles - Chapter Two

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"Love is just another sandcastle... And the farther it is from the raging sea, the safer it is... But Sandcastles can be made only with wet sand... Sand touched by the salty sea... And so it's near always... And there are always salty tears in Love... as there are always the sprays from the waves over sandcastles..."
Here's the first section from second chapter from Amidst Sandcastles.

Chapter Two - Section 1

Noah thrashed his fist in the air and it hit something. The something flew away and crashed onto the floor. He was relieved. He didn’t have Selena beside him to kiss him good morning and draw the curtains apart. But at least the maddening ring in his head had stopped. The sound had been ultrasound and been eating the Auditory Cortex in his brain for an hour. Now it stopped. Next he would find her.
His face still buried in his hands, he rolled onto his side and swung his strong feet out of his rumpled bed onto the floor. Damn, nothing had changed. He looked around with one eye. And found the small timepiece lying in critical condition on the brown carpet.
The battery wasn’t seen anywhere near. And springs stuck out from the parted timepiece. A scene from Tom ‘n’ Jerry after a fight. Only that he hadn’t stuck his head itself through it.
Grumbling, Noah got up. He had managed to keep that timepiece since he was ten. Now he was thirty-five. That had been the birthday present from his dad on his tenth birthday. Not that he hadn’t earned enough to buy a big clock for his bedroom over the years. But, some little things mattered a lot. He knew that now.

What am I gonna tell old Dad?! Noah thought childishly, sleep loading in his eyes again, as he picked up the parts of his favorite timepiece. It had the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head and its frame was pink and blue with fluorescent digits and hands in it. Pink in the front half and blue in the back half.
Noah remembered his Dad’s words when he gave him the tiny present.
“Always keep this by your bedside, son,” Theodore Sehnor had told his son that morning. “It’ll wake you up reminding you Dad is with you always.”
He had been true. Now, Noah had to tell him what happened to this timepiece. Noah walked over to the dressing table and stared at the reflection in the mirror. He had lost some weight and looked horrible in his pajamas and he ran a hand through the hair on his chest. His dark wavy hair looked as if there had been a storm from underneath his scalp. He flattened it with a hand in vain. It had always stood up unless he took a shower.
“Noah Sehnor!” He said aloud. “What have you done with yourself all these years? Did you live?! C’mon, you know better than that! Why don’t you just get groomed and go out and meet her? And stick out your hand like this-” He stood ramrod straight viewing his side in the mirror and held out his hand to nobody- “and say to her, ‘Hi, honey, nice to see you after a decade!’? Then she would give you one of her that look and say flatly – what? ‘Sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone else. I have never seen you before.’? Yes, exactly. And then you’ll know you look like hell!”
He didn’t realize how loud he was until he heard his cousin’s voice from downstairs. Jean Hart was his father’s sister’s son.
“Hey, buddy! Are you okay?!” Jean Hart’s voice came up to his door and sneaked in through under the door. Noah let out his breath. He had been holding it for sometime.
You are happy, you have a baby, you have a wife, you have a life…
He found it so easy to grumble as if it was an old nursery rhyme that had never left his lips. He made his bed, and put the dead timepiece on the bedside table. He’d take care of it later. Now he had things to do.
Noah did ten push-ups for the sake of his P. Ed. Teacher at school. His habit hadn’t changed a bit. Mr. Wilson had always said that his attitude would never change, even if coconut trees agreed to bear mangoes. Noah had run out from the gym room saying he wanted to go to the toilet or he would be pissed off. He’d be pissed off if he didn’t let out the snicker that stood on mark in his larynx. That was the truth.

His cell phone gave off the message tone. He checked it and found Jean’s message.
“Breakfast ready, we need to go to work.”
Jean Hart and Zinnia Connor had been married for ten years now. And they had an amazing little boy of four and a baby on the way. Jean was a very busy photographer and he worked freelance and also at a local newspaper for pastime. And Zinnia was Dr. Zinnia Hart now. Like he was Dr. Noah Sehnor. And she had been a junior at his college. And Dr.Selena Rosche’s friend.
Noah texted back, “Will be down soon. Ten minutes.”
He gifted himself with a generous shower and stepped out feeling cold. He hadn’t bothered to switch on the heater. Dressed in blue jeans and a plain black shirt, he went down for breakfast.
His cousin and wife were already at the table, trying to feed little Zack. He was a stubborn kid. Zinnia had started showing, too.
“Good morning,” Jean smiled when he saw Noah. “Did you sleep well?”
Noah hoped he won’t ask what he was shouting in the morning itself. But he saw Zinnia looking at him strangely and he knew what she was thinking. She’s thinking what I’m thinking, he thought as he pulled a chair and sat next to Jean. I miss her. Selena bonded them.
“Well, let me be frank, no.” Noah cut a piece from his omelet. “I broke my timepiece.”
“Uncle Teddy’s birthday present?” Jean asked downing a tall glass of orange juice and grinned. “You’re going to miss that, yeah?”
“Yep, I don’t know how I am going to tell him that I’ll need a new one.” The adults went still for a moment as an inexplicable sorrow clouded Noah’s eyes for a split second.
Noah reached across the table and patted Zack’s cheek. “You want to become Superman, don’t ya? You have to eat tons of eggs if you want to fly like him, buddy, because bird’s fly, birds lay eggs.”
Zinnia chortled. “As if he would understand! You are as funny as ever, Noah! Don’t you ever change!” She poured some coffee for Noah in a cup. She knew he had coffee at breakfast. “Are you-”
“Who wants to be Superman, Uncle Noah!” Zack’s shrill kid-voice cut in. “I want to be Wolverine! As in X-Men, you know?”
Noah was struck by the generation gap. “Oh! That’s…well, fierce! But what’s he like?”
“He has claws coming from his hands and he can scratch!” Zack went on.
“Scratch what?” Noah chortled. “His chin? I think you better have some real meat, then,” Noah mumbled, munching his toast. “Well, Zinny, thanks for your lovely breakfast, but I’m strung high, can’t seem to concentrate even on eating.”
Jean laughed. “I caught that this morning.”
“Oh, don’t kid, guys,” Noah got up, drinking the coffee Zinnia had poured for him. “You know I’m pissed off.” He nodded and ruffled Zack’s hair. “It’s nice to have a kid, right?”
Jean and Zinnia exchanged a glance. They had to help him.
“You bet,” Jean grinned. “They make us old, but they keep us young, you know…”
Noah nodded. “Right, I feel old. I’ll see you guys later. Take care.”
And he walked out to his rental car.
He had always loved driving. It was a craze to race down the street in his favorite car. This old shack was definitely not his favorite car. But still he didn’t mind driving it, as far as he was in control of the wheel.
He sped down the town obeying the traffic rules. What mattered now was he had to see her. Obeying traffic rules wasn’t his style. But for now he would rather obey them than get picked up and be late to see her. He had certain plans carved out of the details he had updated about her from Zinnia. He was sure she wouldn’t agree to talk with him in the usual way.

“You will have to wait till she’s free, Mr. Gomer,” the receptionist in the Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics said in a carefully polished accent. “At the moment, she is in the middle of a very serious C-Section.”
Dr. Vincent Gomer had been surprised at the specialization Selena Rosche had chosen as her career. He knew it had a meaning more than ambition. Twelve years ago, at the Goa Medical College, he had been the Head of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics.
“I understand, Miss –” he began. The receptionist was a new one. He wondered where the pretty Tina Rein was now. He had been coming on and off to this very room every month for the past few years, but never had the courage to see Selena.
“Miss Liston,” she cut in.
“Right,” Gomer nodded and turned away to the waiting lobby. “I will wait.” He tried to be sober instead of sentimental. He knew the meaning of the final years of his life were at her mercy.
(To Be Continued)

Chapter One
Introduction to Amidst Sandcastles


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author avatar Buzz
29th Aug 2011 (#)

You're a fine story teller, Sana. Now I can't wait to read the next one...

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author avatar Sana Rose
29th Aug 2011 (#)

Thank you Buzz! :) that means so much to this starter! I have the Chapter 2 continued in the next page since it was long. :)

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author avatar Songbird B
3rd Sep 2011 (#)

I like the personalities you are bringing out in the characters, Sana, and the emotions of the chapter...

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author avatar Sana Rose
3rd Sep 2011 (#)

That's a great feedback, so I get to know what my own writing poses.. and keep on it.. :) Thank you so much, love. :)

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