An Adaptation Of The Book Of Ruth ( Part 4 )

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I wonder if we were in Ruth's situation , whether we would have obeyed Naomi's instructions ? ...But Ruth did , and she got her man!

The Story Of Ruth ( Part 4 )

Courtship God's Way - To Get Results

And so our story continues on -
Can you picture the next part of the saga ?
Naomi tells Ruth - Put on your best dress - and finery -
After bathing - and smelling fragrantly .
Then - in the dark of night - so no-one sees -
Go to where you see the man lay down - In this case - Boaz
And then - Without a sound - lift the cover - and lay at his feet - and wait !
Whew !
It doesn't sound real - but it happened - just that way - ! and
Can you believe it ? - Ruth Obeyed !
And Boaz woke up with a start !
No wonder it says - ' God's ways are not our ways -
Nor His thoughts ours '
We' d never had thought this one up .
Not in a million years .

Perhaps - given the chance to catch the Boss's eye
We may have smiled - glanced - then smiled again .
Coyly at first - until we knew we had his interest .
Maybe - talked a little louder - laughed - twirled - giggled .
Are you getting the picture now ?
Whatever it took - we might have tried .
But not Ruth - she just worked hard - quietly - submitted .
Keeping her own council - committed to Naomi - for her good .
But - she was in the right place - at the right time
And she was not even aware of it .
In total trust - to an old woman - and her God .

Now - all Ruth could do - was sit and wait - as Naomi had said
No phoning a friend - no Facebook - no Twitter - nor text.
Just waiting - for the next step to unfold - without ado .
In the Right way - In God's way - in the Way of the Day .
A Good Way.
Boaz had said there was another man - closer
Who had the first right to Naomi's land .
But - in accepting that - he was obliged - to take the widow Ruth -
To be his bride .
And so - before the Council of the Elders - Boaz put his case -
And when it seemed that all was lost
The near relative refused - to take Ruth as his wife .
Stating - he would jeopardize himself -
If that should be the case .
So - what seemed to be a turning from the Master plan
Was Just a place of - trusting - patiently
For the will of God - to come around .

For us to be in the perfect will of God , a good place to be , it might mean being obedient in a way that we don't understand . But it says ' Without faith , we cannot please God ' so , it is better to obey , and be blessed , than miss His best .

Part 5 ... to follow soon.......


Courtesy, Courtship, Fragrance, Obedience, Obedient Acceptance, Smile, Submissive, Surprise, Trust, Trust In God, Trust In Him, Woke Up

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author avatar Retired
10th Jan 2013 (#)

Love your series.....

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
10th Jan 2013 (#)

You are welcome . It is a good story to write about .Part 5 ( the final ) is coming soon .
God bless you

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author avatar KRoss
10th Jan 2013 (#)

I am enjoying each segment of the series. Keep em coming!

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
10th Jan 2013 (#)

hello Kristi ...I posted a message for you .The final part will be very soon . I have to fit them in between all else I do .
Love and blessings

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author avatar Terry Trainor
10th Jan 2013 (#)

I can't wait for part 5, hurry up Stella!

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
10th Jan 2013 (#)

It's there now my friend .Have a blessed evening , to you and your family.I shall read your new write soon .

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
10th Jan 2013 (#)

another strange happening . I had no intention of putting my name in twice above !!

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author avatar Delicia Powers
22nd Jan 2013 (#)

great wisdom shared...

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
22nd Jan 2013 (#)

Thank you Delicia
Bless you

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