An Angel Broke My Heart

LexSantos By LexSantos, 21st Feb 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Have you ever lost someone so dear that you just can’t find the reason to live? I have.

The night I never want to forget

It was late at night but the light in her room was still lit. I walked in and stared at her beautiful face. She asked me calmly, “Does it hurt mommy”, looking at the little angel sticker on the wall, she continued. “Does it hurt to die?”

I tried to fight the tears but eventually it welled up. I had to bite my lip hard so I won’t break down in tears. I soon found the courage to give her an honest reply. “Sweetie, I don’t know. But, I’m sure it will be a great adventure.” It is a great adventure. I know deep in my heart, it’s one that I should be taking long before my little angel. But for whatever reason, she had to go before me. It was expected, but no mother can ever be ready.

“Do I look pretty in this dress?” The question broke my heart. It was the dress she wanted to wear when I send her away. She personally picked that purple dress several weeks back. Now, she was holding it tight in her arms. “I want to wear it so I know how beautiful I will look.” With a heavy heart, I took off her Dora the Explorer PJ, her favorite. Then I started to pull the dress over her head. “It slips easier now mom, doesn’t it?” Of course it did, she lost her beautiful curly hair months back. She jumped out of bed and walked in front of her mirror. She twirled around a couple times. My little angel twirled in her going away dress.

“You are beautiful my angel.”

This was the last time she twirled in front of the mirror. “You are beautiful my little angel. Mommy loves you.” This was the last time she threw her arms around me. “Mommy loves you so much.” This was the last time I heard her say, “I love you too mommy.”

In just a few days, I had to let my angel fly away.


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A small girl who loves nature and life. But a huge enemy to those who want to ruin it.

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author avatar jpcmc
21st Feb 2013 (#)

Wow, Is this real? If it is this is such a sad story.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Feb 2013 (#)

It melts my heart to read this but it is not far fetched too as these do happen. Children are God's gift to remind us of pure love but we make them grow out of it. If only we treated all equally - from each according to ability and to each per needs. That will make this world a heaven - siva

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author avatar LexSantos
26th Feb 2013 (#)

Hello jpcmc, Thank you for inviting me here. I'm still exploring the world of writing.

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author avatar LexSantos
26th Feb 2013 (#)

Yes Siva, we neglect to nurture them. Children are gifts from God that we need to care for.

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