An Angel

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This poem is based on my own true experience with a stream of bad luck followed by a miraculous visit from an angel.

An Angel

You’ve been going through some problems
And they seem to piggyback
For no sooner have you fixed one
When three more seem to attack
Creditors call night and day and you just don’t know what to do
Then you get a diagnosis from the doctor that scares you
All your friends now seem to gang up
And against you do conspire
And you feel whatever you do
Just adds fuel to the fire
Then early on one morning
With your coffee in your hand
You sit down at your recliner
Just to try and understand
How your life’s come so unraveled
When’s this torture going to end?
Why is this the road you’ve traveled?
Now’s the time you need a friend
It’s just then you suddenly notice
A bright light in the next room
You must’ve left the tv on is what you just assume
You get up and go right in there and there’s nothing you can see
That would cause the bright white spot light like would shine for an emcee
In fact the room is dark once more, a puzzling thing for sure
You’re not afraid, you’re calm and cool and feeling so secure
All stress and fear you realize has now all dissipated
Just feelings of serenity you’d not anticipated.
To say surprise is what you felt would certainly be agreed
But there’s no doubt an angel came to bless all of your needs.


Angel Guardian, Angel Visits, Angels, Angels Among Us, Angels Who Watch Over Us, Miracles

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I've had three books published as well as countless articles and poetry. I got the best writer award from Ezine Articles. I tend to focus on spirituality and metaphysical matters

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30th Nov 2013 (#)

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2nd Dec 2013 (#)


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
12th Dec 2013 (#)

An Angel came to me one night,
Transformed me into Eagle of Greater Height.
Took me to the Land of Rising Sun,
Showing I am forever Second to None.

Holding me tenderly with Voice of Love,
Showing me truth from heavens Above.
As the Universe learnt the way I am,
Planet Earth so Blue, the pearl in Clam.

Holding all life and making it Shine,
As the Angel now sings the Girl is Mine.
Bringing forever knocking at my door,
Showing the beauty that is now in store.

For the facts now come to life again,
Showing the dream within that memory lane.
As the Universe sings along showing the way,
Leaving all astounded with nothing to say.

For the Angels have gathered and told tale,
Showing the fact from the Holy Grail.
As the Sun Rises within the turning tide,
Showing the truth now developing inside.

Where no other can ever like Angel talk,
Putting all of darkness into State of Shock.
Where the Angel now danced and showed dream,
Where nothing in life is ever too extreme.

As the he took over and pulled me into world,
With moment of truth that has unfurled.
Bringing together the Voice of Love,
As all of the Angels now sing Above.

Peace to Earth, Goodwill to Life,
Show the colours that end all strife.
Where no other can ever cause pain,
Showing everything reversing into memory lane.

Bringing back the love that is meant to be,
Where all of Creation is part of Family.
With the Angels now respecting and showing Love,
As Planet Earth Turns Life in heavens' Above.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 13th December 2013

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