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Some thoughts on the war on terror and how the world needs to unite to combat the menace of terrorism.

"That's all I can stands..."

ISIS beheads yet another hostage.As long as world governments will negotiate with terrorists for the release of their captive hostages terrorism will never end. Terrorism is fueled by the media reporting on the terrorists deeds. Out of sight out of mind could apply here. There is no terror if no one sees it! Terrorist depend upon the media to spread their terror. It is also fueled by the knowledge that they will be paid for the release of people that they have kidnapped. They also try to negotiate for the release of captured terrorists.
Hasn't the world had enough already! As Popeye would say when he had had enough, "That's all I can stands and I can't stands no more." This may sound harsh and unforgiving but, if a citizen of any country is taken hostage by terrorists he/she should be considered as sacrificed!
As we've already seen, when terrorist demands are not met the hostage is executed. This seems to be the rule with the exception being the release of a hostage. This always occurs with the payment of ransom or a prisoner swap. It doesn't occur often. Negotiating with terrorists is a lose, lose proposition. The terrorists always seem to get the better end of the bargain.

No Geneva Convention protection

What is needed is a new set of rules on how to deal with terrorists. We have to start calling them what they are. Insurgents, freedom fighters, and religious zealots/warriors are terms which should not apply to terrorists. Identify them only by the organizations they belong to, I.e., Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, ISIS etc. Terrorists by the very nature of how they fight and by the acts that they commit should not come under the protection of the Geneva Convention. They should be treated as war criminals. Upon capture they should be given a speedy military trial and upon conviction executed. This is by far better treatment than they show their captives.

U.N. stay out!

Any nation which harbors or gives aid to terrorists should be treated as a pariah. They should have the most severe sanctions possible imposed upon them. A world body should be established similar to a tribunal to adjudicate decisions on who will have the sanctions levied against them. This body must be separate from and unencumbered by the United Nations. The whole world has to join for it to be effective.
This list could be quite long. Iran should be a starting point since it is the number one offender. After Iran some nations fall into the gray area of terrorist sponsor nations. They are very clever at disguising their sympathies towards terrorists. Among these are Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Palestine. There are many others.

Raise the red flag

No quarter should be given to the terrorists on the battlefield. That means that no surrender will be accepted.
At present there is no comprehensive plan in place to combat worldwide terrorism. Most individual countries don't have their own plan and none exists worldwide. The United States, to its shame leads the list.
All of this would at least be a beginning.

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author avatar Utah Jay
2nd Feb 2015 (#)

You are on the right track here. An adversary cannot be defeated if the adversary cannot or will not be named out of some blurred view of political correctness...It will be the death of us. If we are not willing to say Muslim terrorists,
or Christian terrorists, or whatever kind of terrorists, we cannot and will not defeat them.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
2nd Feb 2015 (#)

Great article! Thanks for sharing it with us. I agree with Utah Jay.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
2nd Feb 2015 (#)

A good primer to push forward!

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