An Elephant Is On My House And Other Poems By O. D. D. Cummings

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This is a synopsis of my poetry book for children. It includes some of the first poetry I wrote. I decided to put these poems in a collection and self publish them.

An Elephant Is On My House!

I started writing poetry for my mother while care giving for her. In fact the first poem I wrote was intended as an aid for her speech therapy and afterwards I self published it as a children's book, "A Pet Banana."

My first Poetry

When I started writing poetry regularly I posted my first works online. They have went through many edits before appearing in my book. One of my mother's favorites is "Three Tigers And A Hot Air Balloon." This poem also leads off my book.

Clickety Clack Lickety Split

I have always had a fascination with trains! Especially old fashioned trains. One of my favorite books from my childhood is "The Little Red Caboose by Marian Potter." That story influenced me greatly while writing this poem, plus I wanted a snappy type poem that kids would want to repeat. This poem is called "Clickety Clack Lickety Split."

Oh Merry Mockingbird

My mother really loves to listen to birdsong! We could sit together for hours and listen to them sing! The next poem I showcase in my book is, "Oh Merry Mockingbird." It was really fun to write!

Hello Mr. Spider

Doesn't everyone love spiders? My first attempt at a nursery rhyme, I've been told that I did pretty well! I know that I'm defiantly not Mother Goose but as long as people tell me they enjoyed it, well that's good enough for me! Hello Mr. Spider!

A Big Purple Polka Dot Thing

Every book needs a monster right? This poem is about an encounter with a rather large, um polka dot thing! I kind of modeled this after my pet banana book and it has a surprise humorous ending!

An Elephant is On My House

An elephant is on my house? What can I say? Well my mother loves pachyderms and since I write these mostly for her I had to have an elephant poem! Of course this is also the title for my book!

A Rhyme Or A Poem?!?

Another humorous poem I did is called "A Rhyme Or A Poem." It is pretty much my frustration at having writers block now and again!

Oh Noble Samurai

I am a big fan of Samurai Warriors! This is another poem with a humorous twist ending like the polka dot monster poem. I really enjoyed writing "Oh Noble Samurai!"

I Love My Eggs Made Every Which Way!

It's sometimes hard to find things my mom enjoys after the stroke, but I can always fall back on eggs! She loves them! I wrote this because of that and also I think I was watching that great classic Ma and Pa Kettle, "The egg and I." But i love my eggs made every which way too!

Tic Tac Toe Three In A Row

This is the poem that I am really proud of! I believe the final version that I put in my book has a really snappy patter to it. Tic Tac Toe Three In A Row has always been a favorite game of mine growing up and now I'm enjoying writing about it! Wow, that's like meeting yourself or something! OK, well maybe not!

Oh Spaghetti How I Love You

Oh Spaghetti How I Love You, unfortunately this is the poem that I almost didn't like enough to include in my collection. Not to say it's a terrible poem but at the time I was having that dreaded writer's block. My aunt had just cooked some of her awesome spaghetti though and that's all I could think about at the moment! So all in all it was a great experience, for my stomach!

The Cat Bays At The Moon

I almost used this poem as the lead chapter but I decided on "Three Tigers And A Hot Air Balloon" instead. I knew that the first chapter would be available in most previews and I needed to hook the reader in. I felt the tiger poem was more enjoyable so "The Cat Bays At The Moon" took a backseat!

Sledding Through The Snow

I wrote a nostalgic article about the joys of sledding when I was younger and that thinking inspired this poetry of mine. I wanted a fun rhythmic rhyme about sliding in the snow and this is what I came up with.

Mean Dog

Mean Dog is the second poem I wrote after "A Pet Banana." It is pretty easy to tell because they both are really similar in structure. But it was fun to write and it is also kind of a personal joke between my mother and I.

The Crocodile With A Pink Bow

The Crocodile With A Pink Bow is a humorous poem I wrote about a lonely crocodile trying to up his image! But he didn't fool anyone, because they knew he had ulterior motives! I thought this was a fun poem to write and don't get me wrong I love crocodiles! I love all the animals!

The End!

And here is the ever loving end! This was a really fun book to put together and it is my extreme wish that it's readers find my work enjoyable. I know I had a ball writing this stuff!
Thank you for reading my synopsis.
O. D. D. Cummings


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I am Othen Donald Dale Cummings. I enjoy writing short stories and poetry. I have self published a few of my works under "A Pet Banana Production."

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
8th May 2014 (#)

You have worked very hard to put this together Othen .
I loved the pictures as well.
Many blessings
Stella ><

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author avatar C.D. Moore
8th May 2014 (#)

Looks like a fun read for kids!

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author avatar othendonald
9th May 2014 (#)

Thank you!

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author avatar peachpurple
9th Jun 2014 (#)

you can really write great stories for kids? Did you published them?

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author avatar othendonald
10th Jun 2014 (#)

Yes I self publish my stories. Thank you for the nice comment!

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