An Essay on Buddhism

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I am trying to tell those who say Buddhists are devil worshipers that they are wrong, and hopefully they will stop this attack, either on the Internet or on the streets.

An Essay on Buddhism

Grasped at or clung to their dogmatic ideas, and because of ego, each person sticks with his/ her ideas and refuses to listen to the others. The real problems people from all over the world are facing are in the deep-down ache of the heart, which do not go anywhere. They are always with us. These ups and downs of life remain, regardless of whatever religion you may profess, whatever fame or wealth you may own.
People pray to almighty gods in times of fear for protection, not knowing these gods are themselves not free from greed, hatred and delusion and therefore are still subject to fears. When faced with torrential rains, strong wind, thunder and lightning or natural calamities like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, epidemic diseases, man prostrate in terror on the ground, begging protection from an unknown power. Does that power look like Osama or Obama?
There are many religions. Which one is the true one? The easiest way to confirm is: are they saying ours is the only true God? The others are all devils. When you come across people like this, tell yourself that you have come face to face with the devil worshippers, and walk away politely so that you may not be scathed.
Buddhists don’t attract nonbelievers by becoming invisible , flying through the air, diving into the earth, reading others’ minds, multiplying oneself, or reciting magical verses to obstruct vision.
There are rumours that prayers straightened a diseased body, or a withered limb. There are no x-rays or comments from doctors or nurses to prove these claims. The invalids who were watching this service on the roadside were not healed. Please beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a seasoned fraudster. These cheats are hiding behind many false fronts, and have conned several victims.
The Tibetans and Mongolians were wild and unruly before Buddhism was introduced to them. After practicing Buddhism they became gentle and civilized. Buddhism was able to spread to almost every part of the world without the blessings of imperialism or militarism.
Won’t you find out more about Buddhism to better your life? If you have doubt about Buddhism and it is boiling and stewing you, why not tell us politely and we may be able to help, or the monks may be able to clarify it for you. Buddhism is a religion for you to come and see, investigate and experience not simply to believe.
The Buddha did not claim that he could remove suffering from the world as an Almighty God. Buddhists are not conducting a business. They don’t have do’s and don’t do’s, or thou shalt and thou shalt not. Those who stick to very rigid ways of seeing and thinking will never progress. To them, the creator is everything. So they need to continue to hoodwink, mislead, inflate or deceive others. If a severe word can hurt you momentarily, but leads you to be awake, is it wrong? Isn’t it for your own good?
Religions are based upon faiths and these faiths involve an assent to beliefs which are held as true. And you are not allowed to question your religion. These religions provide consolation to the deprived but they actually fan the flames of conflict resulting in disorganization and chaos. The superstitions introduced act upon believers or worshippers thus strengthen and sustain their beliefs, even to the level that they believe raping and killing the nonbelievers is not wrong and these aggressors will definitely be rewarded by the lord in heaven. These cheats are good at making false things seem true.
Those jealous people shed bad light on Buddhism by claiming that the Buddha admitted there was a permanent soul, and it was created by the almighty god. Then who created that almighty god? I am not here to criticize, judge, or discriminate but to clarify on what Buddhism is. They like to debate with me, and at times they are very fierce, sarcastic and rude.
The Buddhists never had Inquisition, Crudes, or Mass killing of any indigenous races because those races were nonbelievers. The almighty-God idea originated from Egyptian legends Zoroastrianism, and Hinduism.
Buddha did not say desires are all evils. He only said desires were the cause of our problems. Does that mean desire to end suffering is also evil? People twist and turn the teachings of the Buddha for their own selfish and evil needs. The Buddha repudiated the belief that self is permanent existence.
Paritta recitals is a form of declaration of truth which generates the power of protection and salvation. They are used to avert dangers or to ward off the influence of harmful beings. You may say they are used to obtain protection and deliverance from evil, promote health, prosperity, welfare and wellbeing.
The chanting of Parittas will also eradicate all the corruptions which are obstructing you on the way to Enlightenment. While chanting you invoke the mighty powers and the virtues of all the holy saints. Those powers are called to mind and this creates strength.
The only reason why many religious teachers ban meditation is that after many years of practice, a practitioner can attain a higher level and will have the ability to enter the dimensions of ghosts and gods. By then all the lies told by the religious teachers will be exposed. The practice of meditation is like a child learning to crawl. After crawling he learns to stand up. Then he learns to walk, and then run. Later on, he will be able to jump.
This is a religion that asks you to investigate, experience and see for yourself. There is nothing to believe. And there is nothing to hide.
When a tree is planted, it grows into maturity. Then it will start to bear fruit. Before the fruit is produced, the bud will appear, follows by the flower and finally the fruit. Are the bud, flower and the fruit the same thing? You may say that the thing which attains Nibbana is the fruit.
The mind exists to the extent necessary just for knowledge and mindfulness. This mind is not permanent as claimed by other religions. When a person attains Nibbana, this mind is severed.


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author avatar M G Singh
12th Aug 2014 (#)

Very nice post. I am a ardent student of Buddhism

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author avatar pohtiongho
26th Aug 2014 (#)

Mr. Singh: thanks for the compliment. If you talk often with those monks you will definitely find out more. They will not say you cannot question the Buddha.

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author avatar Rajani venu
30th Oct 2014 (#)

Very good information....

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author avatar pohtiongho
5th Apr 2015 (#)

If you enjoy Buddhist Hymns:

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