An Interesting Addition to a War Memorial

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A Revolutionary War Memorial has gotten a rather interesting addition. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

A Monumentally Interesting Story

For those who have taken less interest in the news lately, a fascinating addition has been made to a Brooklyn war memorial called the Fort Greene Prison Ship Martyrs Monument. If you are interested, here is a link explaining it better than I ever could. On April 5th, two artists brought a large bust of Edward Snowden (the gentleman responsible for leaking information concerning the NSA's habit of spying on American citizens) to Fort Greene Park and proceeded to cap the monument with it.

Great pains (and a fair bit of expense) were taken by the artists so as to avoid permanently damaging the memorial. For example, as special adhesive was used to hold it on, but would make it relatively easy to remove for those who, inevitably, would have to cart it away (it was, in fact, removed by park officials.)

In all honesty, I appreciate the gesture they made with this work. Edward Snowden is seen as a bit of a hero for trying to warn the American people about what their own government had been getting up to behind closed doors. Naturally, the United States government promptly put him on a level similar to the Biblical Satan and began howling in impotent rage as he answer questions and engage in correspondence from his exile (currently in Russia, for those curious.) I might be more concerned over potential desecration of the monument if the artists had not gone out of their way to use that special adhesive to completely avoid damaging the memorial, adding to the cost of the project in the process.

The gesture also strikes me as rather appropriate. The monument memorializes men and women (for those of you who didn't click the link, roughly 11,500 of them) who were captured and died in Hellish conditions aboard British prison ships. These people were then buried without ceremony in the shore, presumably while a British admiral was grumbling about getting the smell out of his frock coat. These men and women, ultimately, died for the cause of liberty, for a free nation. Snowden, similarly, is a captive of a different sort. While he is free - more or less - to go almost anywhere else he may wish, because of his desire to inform the American people as to what is really going on, he is unable to return home. It is just a pity the American people lost interest so quickly.

Ah well, at least the two artists responsible are planning to make a bunch of smaller Snowden heads. Maybe they all of New York could eventually become his monument, then?


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