An Ode to Forgiveness

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This is about the last lifetime of a woman who has done much evil but now at the very end forgiveness is given by her to her and by the Being of Light who watches over her (and all of us!!!!)

Into the Jaws of Death

She dare not turn back
She had no place to go but into the jaws of death
They called to her, sirens voices, sweet, melodious but with an undertone of menace.
She knew that by the end of the day she would be no more.
A bloody corpse she would be.

Around her misty shapes twirled and whirled
Dancing in the strange purple twilight like wraiths upon the wind
Still they called to her, tempting her
And in her mind words formed
Words of power
She knew not whence they came only that they moved her into a place of knowing.

Choices Given...Choices Taken

"Call forth the warrior from within
The One with his hands upon the reins
Can take you where you wish to go
Your choice
Always your choice"

No she piteously moaned
I cannot follow You
for it is pre-ordained that I fall
I am no longer of the Elite for that has been taken from me
By powers higher than I

All of Her Past

Loud in her ear a gong sounded and a beautiful Being appeared in front of her. He was bathed in pure white light brighter than one hunded suns. Yet somehow she could gaze upon Him.

Her eyes filled with tears as she gazed upon a stream of people passing in front of her. Each one bent and mishappen, ugly beyond measure and clothed in tatters.
"These are you from your other lifetimes when you chose to take the path of the Evil Ones. When you gave up caring for your fellow man and sank into cruelty and vengeance. When you stole and cheated and hated. Now you must face yourself and forgive yourself for all that you have done throughout eternity. Only then can We help you and you help yourself. "
These words issued forth from the Being of Light as he gazed with pitying eyes upon the woman.

Forgive and be Forgiven

She felt a throbbing deep inside her like a million bells chiming at once. She felt a flow of energy moving up through her body as if soothing healing waters were cleansing her. She forgave herself for all that she had done and in that last moment that seemed to take an eternity, she knew she had forgiven herself and had been forgiven too.
Her head lolled forward.
Her eyes closed.
It was over.


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author avatar Christine Crowley
23rd May 2012 (#)

Just beautiful, cnwriter. I always enjoy your poems.

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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
23rd May 2012 (#)

Nice work cn. Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Quantum Worth
23rd May 2012 (#)

Loved it...thank you

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th May 2012 (#)

always my friends and thank you for reading and commenting

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th May 2012 (#)

Another bold work taking us beyond our near, narrow vision to far beyond and then within! Thanks, dear cnw - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
25th May 2012 (#)

thank you too dear Siva...

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author avatar Christine Crowley
29th May 2012 (#)

This is most beautiful!

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