An Open Letter To Our Youth And Others For Surviving In Today's Society

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Let us address the issue of law enforcement dealing with civil unrest in 21st century America.


There was a time in our society when the sight of a policeman or other law enforcement official was looked upon as "a friend when the need arises." I can remember as a youth growing up in South Central Los Angeles (Watts) during the mid 1950s, for sport sometimes, maybe 3 of us might commit some minor infraction for the local policeman to witness and then run away to keep from being caught. Most times we got away. When we were caught, it usually meant a trip home to our parents where the deed was explained to them and our parents meted out the appropriate punishment for the offense. This was long before innocent civilians were being shot. Criminal activity was met with the appropriate amount of force to capture or subdue the criminal and lethal force was used only as a last resort.

This was a time when gangs were called "social clubs", wore sweaters to identify themselves and the most lethal weapon a person carried then might have been a pocketknife with a 4" blade. The common drugs at that time were drinking alcohol, marijuana, some prescription drugs and Coke or Pepsi taken with BC Powder (a headache remedy medicine.) Gang differences were settled with fist usually on the weekends and if anyone suffered a minor or major knife wound, it made headlines on the next day's newspaper.

Policemen were usually local members of the same community they patrolled so they were familiar with the lay of the land and the local population. They were looked up to and admired by many law-abiding citizens at that time.

An Upheaval In The Culture

Then came the 1960s with the "cultural revolutions", "social changes", the illusion of "free love" and a multitude of drugs both organic and man-made to numb the mind and senses. Law enforcement had its hands full trying to adapt to the swift changes in our society along with the immense urban population explosions.

Yes, times have changed within the past half-century concerning law enforcement and criminal activity. I do not have the time, article space or feel it is necessary to rehash the issues presented in today's American society. Racial profiling, drugs, gang activity and everyday "garden varieties" of criminal activities are just some of the overwhelming obstacles law enforcement has to deal with on a continuing daily basis, and there are no easy workable solutions to this dilemma. There will continue to be frustration in dealing with these issues on the part of those charged with keeping civil order in our society, but there are certain things that can be implemented by those who would choose to obey the laws that have been put into place to protect themselves and their families from encountering "unfortunate incidents" with those charged with upholding the law. Let us start with the home environment.

Home Environment

Many households today have a single parent, as the head because of various situations and circumstances and usually it is the female. Judeo-Christian Morals should be taught to the children even before they learn to walk. Phrases such as "please", "Thank you', "excuse me", and "I am sorry" are timeless staples I have been personally using them for nearly three score and ten years and they have not failed to keep the peace and defuse potentially volatile situations even to this day.

Respect For Law Enforcement Officials

Without law enforcement in place, America would be in a constant state of lawlessness and anarchy and this is unacceptable. The systems that are in place are not perfect by any means but they are workable provided trained personnel with integrity and an obligation to fulfill the duties they are charged with man these positions.

While there are no valid excuses for the taking of a citizen's human life, accidental or otherwise, we will continue to see this happen. One thing that can be done is to thoroughly investigate each incident and deal with the offending party in the most severe manner allowed by law. Listed below are a few things the average citizen can do to protect him or herself from becoming a victim of "unfortunate situations."

Always remember this, when you are being detained by a law enforcement official they are usually identifiable by their uniforms, badges, lights or insignias and you know who they are. Until you have been identified they do not have a clue as to your true identity. You also know that they are ARMED and have the means to either injure of kill you at that moment of time and they are usually apprehensive, given today's public environment. Regardless of what is currently being said, "Profiling is still in use today."

If / when you are detained by law enforcement, ALWAYS respond to their questions with a positive attitude and moderate voice modulation. If you feel you are being detained in error, then this is something that can be straightened out at a latter time after the officer(s) have determined you are not a threat to them. They are human and have the same concerns for their safety as you do.

It would go well for you to practice using your moral training in public as a rule on a daily basis.

Stay vigilant and alert at all times and conduct yourself in a civil manner … stay cool! This will not give any rational thinking individual any reason to react to you in any other than a like fashion. Let cool heads prevail.

Even though I have not had any official interaction with law enforcement in over 25 years, the few times prior to that period where I was detained turned out well in my favor because of using the tips I have presented here.

Let a word to the wise be sufficient.

God bless America, our troops and leaders and I pray the same for Israel. ~ Selah.


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Excellent article indeed...very good tips for today's youth...

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