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In most relationships improper expression of love, lack of time to express yourself to your partner are the major causes to break the bond. How can impress your partner when they near or far from you. A single word can change your life.

Most beautiful feeling

Is there anyone who was never loved by someone? Probably not. We need not write about such big stories and experiences. Without any preface, we can directly go to the tips and tricks.

First of all, the most important thing for a lover/partner irrespective of gender is to impress them. How can we achieve that?

1. When your partner is near to you greet with a sweet smile for no reason and hug him/her and just say "I love you" or bite on their ears. Any small gesture of affection will do the trick.

The expression of your partner may be disappointing. "Oh,what happened?"or they will look at you with a serious face .Don't be sad.

2. When they react like this you just put your face down and say "I don't know. I feel like loving you now. I want to kiss you, I have some dishes to wash or another work to complete.Then without asking any permission kiss them.

3. Now its the turn of your partner. They will surely approach you. If they didn't mind you, no need to worry.After completing your work(you should complete your work) and sit at some place where they can see you now.Then look outside through windows or write something or simply listen to romantic songs or anything..and watch them. If they started noticing you make your face sad and concentrate on your tasks.

4.Now they will come to you. Its time for you.Then you give a pleasant face and hug them tightly without any reason. Use some beautiful expressions according to their taste and hug deeply.

The same procedure with little changes you can enact in 3-4 times.You will get a noticeable change

When your partner is far of you

1.Call them at least once in day and express indirectly that you miss them such as "I don't know what happened to me..I want to cry loudly..I can't tolerate this" or "This is the worst time I ever had" or keep silence for sometime and say "I just want to cry". You don't need to act. If you have real love to them automatically tears will appear on face.
Perform these tricks .You can feel noticeable change in your life.


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author avatar juni
23rd Jul 2013 (#)

This is my experience. :)

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author avatar juni
23rd Jul 2013 (#)

I am a newer in wiki nut.Any suggestions ,comments or doubts are always welcome.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Jul 2013 (#)

Breaking the ice - go step by step to see whether worth it - siva

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