An introduction to the spiritual meanings of colours

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This article looks briefly into this vast subject matter of looking at the meanings of colours. Four colours are examined here, and their spiritual meanings are discussed. In the second segment of this article, colours and their meanings are linked to various psychological traits.

A look at a few colours, and their spiritual meanings

The colour blue is usually associated with oneness, and with faith.

It is said to generally represent creativeness being linked with power, and yet it's power is seen to be a flowing connective one. It is seen to be a calming, peaceful, serene type of energy, rather than its being an explosively disruptive one.

When fear is your driving power because your understanding level and your awareness levels are not developed fully as yet, there is a danger of you trying to use your power to force a situation to go in your own way, rather than in love's way.

Blue is a part of the white light of love, and it represents a departure in a way, because it has separated itself off as an individual vibration of its own energy. This is OK though as long as the expressions made via this channel remain linked to love, rather than to fear.

You must shine the light of love through the mirror of blue glass from love, and not from fear to see the true elements of creativeness that belong to this area of vibration that allows the colour blue to influence various aspects of life in its own unique ways.

Blue is an inspiring colour. It helps one to see the joining together of opposites as well it can bring you to better understanding of the different qualities of love. Blue purifies your view.

Yellow is typically seen as indicating wisdom, knowledge, or knowing.

Yellow conversely is associated too with the coward, or with the weak minded individual. The weak minded person thinks that they are strong minded. They live within duality, and strive to sit on one side of its fence. They compartmentalise their thinking trying to be cerebral about it, but usually they then intellectualise away the real truth as well. They think that what they think is their own truth is the ultimate truth, not realising that we all have our own individualised viewing platform for God's truth within his oneness.

Yellow is part of the voyager mentality that brings the individual to his own mission in life. The coward avoids his true purpose, whereas the bravely, courageous person limps past his failings, and reaches his final destination within himself by taking the higher road of love, rather than the lower road of self pride, or desire, or fear.

Red is a colour that is associated with love, and with lovers.

We give our partner red roses, for example. It is also linked to the inner quality of humbleness, or selflessness. This is about putting others first, or thinking compassionately about others.

Red is also seen oppositely to mean anger, or rage, or temper. This is in its unbalanced state. It wants to possess others with itself. When red is balanced it connects you to love rather than removing you from it, as your anger only ever does.

You cannot even love yourself when you are angry.

The red rag to a bull idea depicts the inner meaning of why red upsets people. It is the associative link between colours and emotions, and this link has been cemented into our psyche from eons of such associations that might or might not really be valid, or true.

Red is a vibrant a-lively colour, and this is why its opposite facets are so distanced apart. On the one hand real love, and on the other hate, the polar opposite of that same love.

Colours all have these two sides to them, because they exist in the dual world.

Next we will look at the colour green, and its spiritual meaning.

Green usually indicates life, new life. The greening up of a field of grass after rain indicates this association well. Green points to the future in a way. It gives you a vision of what life could be like. It brings you its truth in a vibrantly alive way, also linked into nature. It shows us that everything has its rightful place in the world.

Everything is linked to everything else. There is nothing that is not a part of it all. There are no divisions within creation.

Green means new life, and it also means old life, in that the old life has died from not keeping itself linked to enough sustaining love.

The "greenie" depicts someone who is wet around the ears, but at least he is willing to try. The old and withered must not give up, for another season of new growth is always possible for you at any age. You can green up, once more again.

Colours, and psychology

Colour is seen as being another form of communication. Each colour says something different. What colour you wear communicates a type of message to someone else about you.

When someone wears red clothing for example, this might mean that they are feeling upset with the world, or it might oppositely indicate that they are full of a new energy, and are ready to change, and to take action to change things in their lives.

Red can energise in this way, but too much red can de-energise. It can begin to annoy, irritate, and cause you to become impatient even angry with someone, and you might not even know the reason why.

If you choose clothes that are green, this can indicate that you are feeling enthused with new life. You are about to grow yourself in another new direction. Because green is linked to nature, somebody that is wearing green is usually trusted. We feel nurtured, warm and safe around them for instance.

When someone is wearing blue clothes we feel more connected to them.

There is a sort of peacefulness about them that allows us to come closer to them in this way. We somehow trust them, and know them to be honest in their intentions.

On the other hand, a pale blue indicates weakness, an inability to make up your mind, even an indifference to you, an apathetic resigned outlook, that although sometimes mistaken as peaceful is really more just lost. They have no direction to them, no purpose, and an inner turmoil boils within them whilst they might appear calm on the surface.

If someone is wearing yellow this makes a certain type of a statement about them.

They are individuals. They want to be themselves. They are usually highly intelligent people, who want to be really themselves in a uniquely original way. They are not copy cats of others.

They are focussed people, good at getting their own thoughts out there, and helping people to understand their message. They want to be seen for who they are, but sometimes this leads them to becoming overly bossy.

They preach their own sermons too often, they beat their own chests, and they can put people off from loving them. This is because they often come across as being critical or judgmental in what they are saying, and the way that they say things sounds as if they are being conceited, and boastful in their own knowing.

Colours relate to the energy level that you currently operate at.

This is mostly in relation to how the energy is being allowed to operate from its position within your subconscious mind. When energy is being suppressed, this can be outwardly indicated by what you wear, and its colour.

When you are more liberated from the effects of any unconscious programming, you are more free then to choose exactly what colours you would like to wear from awareness, rather than feeling too fearful to wear that particular colour.

If you are afraid to wear a certain colour of clothing, there is almost always a psychological reason behind this that is preventing you in some way from doing so.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
12th Dec 2013 (#)

I truly believe that colors do have the ability to heal our body and soul. Thanks for this guide to understanding the attributes of different colors.

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author avatar spirited
12th Dec 2013 (#)

Thanks Mark.

I only touched on four colours here, the article would have been too long otherwise.

Blue lights have been used for various health reasons for many years now. They are used to treat jaundice in babies, for example

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
12th Dec 2013 (#)

Very beautiful post and filled with a lot of wisdom

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author avatar spirited
12th Dec 2013 (#)

thanks again fern, your comments add extra colour to my day

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author avatar Legend
12th Dec 2013 (#)

Great post, i'll pay more attention to colors people wear in the future. Do you think there might be societal differences in color is this universal to humanity?

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author avatar spirited
12th Dec 2013 (#)

I would think that colours are universal in the spiritual sense, psycholically speaking though maybe society influences our choice of colour to a degree, it too is a sort of unconscious control factor if we do not become aware of its influences.

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author avatar micheal
12th Dec 2013 (#)

Great article spirited, you are very knowledgable in your field, thanks for this information.

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