An ostomate's journey

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This is my journey of when I became an ostomate, my challanges and achievements. goals and ambitions.

An ostomates journey

This is my story of being an ostomate.
I have recorded my journey and achievements, my down falls, how I picked my self up from a very dark place.
My acceptance of my stoma. A year in the life of an ostomate, the changes I faced.
I am writing this page, to support new ostomates.

This is a vivid review, so dont read on if you have a weak stomach, as it is very truthful and I haven't spared any details.

Can you imagine waking up, knowing nothing about stoma's, or colostomy's.
I wasn't aware of their exsistance.
I had had previous operations for a ruptured ovary, I had had my uterus raised when I was 18, so when they prepared me for surgery, I thought I knew what lay ahead as I had already undergone two major surgery's in the past.
It was a fact of life, I dealt with womans issues all my life, pain was a natural occurance.
I had had six pregnacys and only two survived. I recall Sven dying when I went into labour but that is another story. I have two beautiful children, and a loving partner.
So you can almost shut your eyes, and vision what I woke too, my bowel on my stomach. Still full off poision, that needed to be drained from within, their were drips and bags coming out of my stomach. 5 in all. I had an oxygen mask on, breathing was a struggle. Reality was gone, as pain set in.
When you first become an ostomate you have to deal with such changes in life, all that once was, becomes no more.
You get visits from a stoma nurse, who trains you as an ostomate, how to change your bags, you no longer are a normal human being. Functions that others take for granted, are now such a challenge.
The first smell of when the bag was removed, as the changing of your bodily functions begin, made me vomit, I thought I wanted life to end, I couldn't see myself surviving the future.
But as time goes by, you take over, measuring the contents, changing the bag with ease. Recording yourself, you take over from the nurse, their's a sense of achievement, I know hard to believe.
No way would I believe at that moment in time, that a year down the track, it would all just be a normal occurance, A daily activity, done with ease.
Now I love my baths, but I dont remove the bag as suggested, I just soak and dream, of what once was, but life is brillant, as I recall my lucky escape, that death came for me, but I managed to stay and live another day.
I face each day with new meaning and understanding, I appreciate more of what is around me.
I don't panic when my stomach sends wave's of pain through me, I just ride it like Im surfing a wave.
I don't stress, I just follow my bodies advice, resting when needed, gardening when allowed. Lifes back on track.
For all you new ostomates, It's a world of wonder, it will pulse strangely, change in structure and shape, this is all normal. don't do what I first did, and cut the bag larger, to let it breathe, when rashes that form around it, you think you don't want the plaster touching it. But you want to just ask your stoma nurse for powder and oitment to put on it, and make sure the bag you fit on is cut to the right size. You want it just to fit over comfortably. I wasted time and money going to my doctor, so unless they are a specialist, they arn't much help at all, so now I just deal with my stoma nurse.
Go to My support website, there I have exercises you can do, at your own pace, I have stoma support links. Everything you need.
So smile as life will get better, it just takes a wee while.


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Due to major surgery in 2009, I was forced to shut shop after 20 years. Determined not to feel sorry for myself I decided to swing the situation around to my benefit.

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author avatar Strovek
2nd Dec 2010 (#)

Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience.

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author avatar maree
16th Dec 2010 (#)

I love this site, I am going to be doing a lot of writing now, I have been inspired.

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