Anarchy Without Chaos

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Anarchy dose not have to be chaos. Rather it refers a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government.

Anarchy Without Chaos

Anarchy originally meant absence of government. Though with the passing of time and the views of close minded individuals, all kinds of negative words have been attached to it. These include, but are by to means limited to destruction, chaos, disorder, and misrule. The sad part is I can give you many examples of anarchy without chaos and if not for these events many great things would not have come to be in these United States.

The Abolitionist Adventure

Abolitionism was the radical wing of the American anti-slavery movement. It charged for the immediate stop of slavery on the grounds that all men are responsible for themselves. Every human being has the right to his own person and property, which no other consideration outweighed. This along with strong ties to Quakers, who denied the government moral authority over men, meant that abolitionism emerged as a libertarian movement.
American Radio Industry
The United States had laws regulating the radio industry that eventually became so harsh, the most drastic, not to mention some of the most confining to American business. None the less the history of the radio industry is a very good example of voluntaryism at work and how sometimes the only way to effect change is to revolt.

American Liberty

Philadelphia, July 6, 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was wrote and signed, that was the biggest moment of anarchy in history. We revolted against England and in time we took are freedom. While war is chaos, the conscious act of demanding are freedom and showing a united front was anarchy without chaos.

Traveling West: American Expansion

Had it not been for the great many people who rebelled against there families and the government in some cases, we would have never made it west and are country would be much smaller.

Those are just a few examples, there are tons more. All you have to do is pick up a history book and read. Most of the greatest acts in history involved one form of anarchy or another.

I Personally See Anarchy Like This

I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth; I am a citizen of the world. -Eugene V. Debs-

I think if we all had that view the world would be a better place, filled with free thinkers and the truly free of mind, spirit, and body.

Noble Ambitions

Anarchism is the revolutionary social movement to emerge from the struggle against capitalism — it aims for a world free from all forms of domination and exploitation. With the core value being that people know how to live their own lives and organize themselves better than any one president, king, or dictator could tell them how to. all people should be free to build the networks and associations they need to meet their needs in common with others. This to me sounds like a very noble agenda to me, not one based on chaos and disorder.

The Internet: Anarchy At Its Finest

Since Mister Al Gore invented the internet and kicked off widespread public usage in 1994 it has been the last free place on Earth one can find. For the majority of its lifespan it has been a purely anarchistic, by that I mean the government has touched it very little. According to facts, if the internet was to be typical of any other human environment, we should already be fighting off internet pirates, gangs and we should be beaten by a constant barrage of child pornography. I mean without Government to control us, we all descend into murderous, sexually depraved lunatics, right? Of course I joke, but that is how they try and make us feel. My point is the internet is pretty much a human to human controlled enviroment and we make it work every day.

Are not laws dangerous which inhibit the passions? Compare the centuries of anarchy with those of the strongest legalism in any country you like and you will see that it is only when the laws are silent that the greatest actions appear. -Marquis de Sade-

Well I suppose that is all I have to post on the matter. Hope you like it, if not to bad I suppose.


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