Anarchy to the Nth Degree

JB Woods By JB Woods, 25th Nov 2016 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This is just my outlook on a world that seems to have gone mad. A world where money makes the man, and exceptions are not made based on equality or justice in too many situations.

Anarchy to the Nth Degree

Searching and researching, learning what I can
Lurching, as emerging,  I find it hard to stand
Is this what we’ve come to, a nation gone so cold?
What’d they succumb to, that they should feel so bold?
Hard to keep hope when you find  that your nation’s a joke
And harder, still, to cope when you see all the blinded folks
Hundreds upon thousands have bet their lives for this land
And upon return what do they get, but a slap upon their hand
So hard to take it as real, when you know that it isn’t right
How must those who served feel, having lived to view the fights?
Children in our streets are starving, right in front of our eyes
None seem to find it disarming, but instead choose to turn away blind
Deplorable, where is your heart? Do you think those kids understand
Broken and torn apart, left to wonder who will take their hand
They forget that these kids are our future, though not old enough to vote
Why should they care if they have hope or love, or even so much as a coat?
We claim that we bow to a loving God, one who forgives us all
Yet in our lives, isn’t it odd, that we step on those who should fall
You choose to love another race?  Oh, on that one they will not budge
These folk who claim to love us all, but then seem the first to judge
Self righteous indignation – how dare the poor want a hand
Use your imagination – could you walk one mile as they have?
It’s all about the dollar. And isn’t that a shame?
A simple piece of paper the makes our lives their game
I’d love to call foul, make it all right, then let kindness prevail
But tainted is that paper they hold so tight, so it’s all to no avail
As the rockets red glare, there are bombs in the air
But who’s there to make sure OUR flag is still there?
If you ask does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave
I fear that the answer you hear shall be grave
America the Beautiful, we may one day have been
Right now, if nothing gives, I fear, we’ll never be again.


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