Ancora Imparo (Still I am Learning)

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We always see people around us who inspires us and open our minds, souls and hearts to our purpose in life. Some of the people around me, made me realize that the purpose of my life is to Serve God and humanity.

Ancora Imparo

Many times, I find myself in crossroads. So many times, I have asked myself, "What should I do?". There were times when I have been preoccupied with the future but wasn't really practical in the steps I made. There were times I tried to take the shortcut and in my haste, I stumbled and got lost. There were times, I grew cold in serving theLord and just thought of what this material world would offer. The more I let my desire consume, the more I got lost and suffered.

Now that I am totally exhausted facing this material world and have not found happiness in every selfish thing I did, I looked around and saw them. They amaze me because they have always been so active in serving God while growing in their fields of endeavor. Serving has always been their top priority and they never thought of it as a hindrance in prusuing their goals. The glow in their faces and their calmness really inspire and give strength. They too, have their own problems but they know they are strong when they are weak.

Mostly it is those who bury themselves in worldly matters and forget to nurture their relationship with God and those around them whose eyes and souls are virtually empty. I have seen some who became very absorbed in pursuing material wealth, there are some who have gone astray and there are those who grew cold due to hardship and challenges. Failures and downfalls; pain and sorrow; happiness and joy come and go. We could be living in disillusionment because a loved one passed away. We could be in great anxiety because we are greatly indebted financially. We could be feeling weak and hopeless, unable to make a move towards our goal in life.... and so many other situations that could drive us to the brink of losing our sanity. However, all those things, too, shall come to pass.

Those admirable people have seen challenges as a test and know that all their tribulations will come to an end as long as they will remain steadfast in their faith. It makes them believe God is confident in giving them tormenting challenges just as He had done Job in the olden times.

Had I lived the life the way they are, perhaps I would have not been lost, I would have not cried and would have not suffered so much. However, as a friend told me before, "We are just humans and imperfections are inherent in us".

To those who are serving the good Lord zealously, you are not only a light in your house but also to those people around you. You are a blessing. The faith and strength you carry are admirable. May you prosper. May you never cease in loving and keeping your faith. Keep the candles burning.


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