And Then There Was

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This is just a short story I wrote off a prompt. It was a quick write of about 15-20 minutes.

And Then There Was

Lights flicker and I slip on blood and then sleep. I awaken a moment later to panicked shouts and someone shaking me back to consciousness. “Commander Linkham! Commander Linkham!” The lights are off now and only the floor strips are illuminating the invading darkness. My head is throbbing but I put it off to the side for now, later I can deal with the headache or death can cure it for me.
“I’m awake Lieutenant” I sound groggy and curse myself for it. I look around for signs of what is happening but everything is still. “What’s the current Lieutenant? Any signs of Cslieng or his ship?” I ask as I hear metal on metal scraping.
“Sir I think…”
“We’ve been boarded, I hear it.” I cut her off. She helps me to my feet and I look for weapons but I see nothing but a silhouette of my feet. At least I still have those. “Computer?” No response. “Computer?” more forcefully as if a computer could have trouble hearing. “Dead.” I state referring to the AI but could just as well have been stating the obvious of our situation. As if on cue the door to the bridge explodes. Through the smoke and fire a diamond shape metallic object floats towards them.
“Life signs found” It states for someone. “Scanning. Jxym Linkham, current known rank, Commander. Home planet: Absolm, Hastings Quadrant. Scanning. Abray Fenryz, current known rank, Lieutenant. Home planet: Richost, Hastings Quadrant. No other life signs found.”
Those words hit me. I had assumed there was no one left but the confirmation from this soulless machine stings worse. The machine begins powering up and a strong blue light permeates the dark. “Begin transport”
“No!” I shout but it’s too late. I’m already on board his ship and he is looking right at me. “Cslieng!” I stand but his second-in-command buckles my knee with the butt of something. From my knees Cslieng is monstrously huge. At least seven feet tall and nearly two feet wide. He is the species the humans had hoped they would never meet. The nightmare of movies and books. The enslaver. The destroyer. I look for Lietuenant Fenryz but she’s not here.
“Looking for something?” Cslieng asks in condescending manner as he points to his view screen where a live feed of Lieutenant Fenryz floating in the vacuum of space lights up. I want to weep for her. There is no more painful way to die. They zoom in on her features and her eyes and tongue have just boiled and exploded. She was still alive for it. “I wanted you to see what you did to her.” He squats down in front of me so I see both him and her. “This is on you.”
I have cut into my palms. Veins are popping out of my head and I feel feral. The hidden spike implanted in our left wrist is protruding and in a flash of my own blood I yank it out and aim true at Cslieng’s head. His second-in-command had been watching too closely though and decided to remove my arm just as it came up. I scream and then am kicked down to my back. They pick up my arm and drip the blood on my face and the world goes red and all I can think about now is that damned headache.


Sci-Fi, Space, Spaceship, War

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I am a UCLA graduate from the English department. I write short stories of fiction as well as working on my book.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
15th Feb 2014 (#)

Well Shawn, have to say its great but while we were in school, we just wrote compositions as if our lives depended on it. Actually it did as it contained 40% of the English score for a composition to be written in Half hour within a two our time slot with grammar, letter writing and comprehension all to be done in the next one and half hours along with 15 minutes of pen down check your questions and answers.
Always scored my marks in this as I always got the highest in story telling. Is it the same at UCLA too???
None the less, a brilliant take...

This is apart from English Literature and other related subjects within.

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