And the voice of The One spoke to Moses; behold thy day approaches that you must die...

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Ever wonder why God says we should celebrate death and mourn when a child is born? Maybe death isn't what we that are left behind think it is....

And the voice of The One spoke to Moses; behold thy day approaches that you must die...

And Moses gave the thick scrolls that would later become infallible Scripture to the people.
“This shall be holy to you, from the very lips of the Living God. It spans the history of our people and origin until now; add it to the books of Father Adam, Father Abraham, and the rest. And once a year as The One will instruct, it is to be read from sunup to sunset to the nation, so all may know their history and the marvelous things the Lord has done for us...
“I who is called Moses, named Moshehat at my birth, renamed Law Giver for my burial, who serves The Holy One, and led you out of bondage, loving you more than I can express, command you this - as my last will and living testament.”
It was the saddest moment in his life. Moses with tears in his eyes walked away from the mourning congregation into the mountain full of grief, unable to stand the tearing of his soul.
He trekked up the mountain of Nebo, to the top of Pisgah, next to Jericho, and The Angel of The One showed him all the land of Gilead, unto Dan, and all Naphtali, the land of Ephraim, Manasseh, and all the land of Judah, unto the utmost sea.
And high upon the mountain, The One said to a trembling Moses, “This is the land I swore unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, saying, I will give it unto thy seed. I have now let you see it with thine eyes.”
A tear fell.
And The One ambulated towards Moses back grounded by the gorgeous panoramic beauty far below them, kissed him on his forehead, and whispered absolute love into his soul.
Moses’ eyes suddenly widened as he remembered everything. Memories flooded of the eternities of old, the first Heaven; his intellect jumped to unimaginable levels as thirteen billion unique names inundated his mind - the names of his brothers and intimate family. Moses realized with awe his real name was Yacobah: the designation given by The One at the Great Construction of all souls so long ago.
He remembered the Laviah Zoo, the dinosaurs, the glittering jeweled cities of Heaven reaching miles into the atmosphere, the minor media, and the war of the lambs, as concurrently billions of years of personal memories engulfed his trembling soul. He remembered opening the door of the ark for Noah, and Adam and Eve in the Garden of God. And for a fleeting moment he looked lovingly into The One’s red eyes in absolute awe – this was the Lord whom he always loved. It was really absolute truth; love is always received by those that love The One: the love beyond knowledge, needing a divine revelation even for Angels to understand.
And Moses closed his eyes tightly in absolute bliss and died – in the strong arms of his Loving Creator...
Opening his eyes, he marveled with jaw-dropping awe: perceiving all the spectrums and dimensions backgrounded by millions of vibrant colors never seen by human eyes. And within the unbelievable, Moses saw the awesome resplendent brightness in the distance surrounded by brilliance brighter than a billion suns. As he involuntarily flew through the nothingness traveling towards the brightness, his mind exploding with excited vocalizations of joyful greetings from his closest friends: Jessah, Allayah, Amirah, Mabou, Elias, Anisce, and thousands of others who had died before him.
They were his closest friends over the backward eternities; his heart leapt within his indestructible as he was caught up into paradise hearing unspeakable words, which was not lawful for any man to utter.
He looked down at his body; there was no flesh – it was completely transfigured back into a number of life - an incorruptible indestructible again for all eternities.
Inwardly his soul feverishly rejoiced, for the flesh, the enemy he erroneously called himself, cherished and loved in blinding stupidity was forever gone; never would he be a defecating beast that shivered in the cold – never again forensically stupid, a slave of bondage, void of any basic understanding of his Creator and the nature of all creation. He would never be isolated, insular, arrogant and clueless again, but would be rich in wisdom and holiness, and could again swim in the plasma of the stars.
Moses remembered his suffocating depressions, anger, and disappointments regarding the embarrassing Promised Land affair as a dispassionate observer. His flesh life in the fishbowl universe suddenly faded into moot insignificance, as he rejoiced in the promised eternities with unfathomable gratitude, reunited with his family and friends he had forgotten because of the flesh.
A tear swelled but it was instantly desiccated as he shouted repeated thanksgiving to The One for all that was accomplished despite his past stupidity, as he accelerated towards the light.
Though he was the same, he was absolutely not the same; he was spotlessly righteous, for pervasive sin-nature died with the shedding of the evil flesh. Moses ruminated on his marriage supper to The One, and understood with renewed clarity he was always Election; born saved – a slave from birth to the Living God. Suddenly, realization came that The One had given him the greatest gift, and for a moment, he felt nothing but sorrow for his brothers still languishing in the flesh, drowning in a thick cauldron of malevolent evil. The fleshless gift was like spectacles that filtered out blinding stupidity, ignorance, and raised the eternal banner of peace, erasing what the flesh cruelly inflicted on the soul trapped within.
It was an awesome thing to be absolutely right with God, to live in a universe with unbelievable technology, eternal peace with intimate loving family and unending brotherhood: to love the Mighty Being who was your absolute best friend, the closest confidant - to laugh and play with The Lord exploring the unending universes and eternities forever.
Moses twisted riotously through the brilliant membranes thanking the Lord again, and repeatedly, and one more time, for loving him enough to create him – when he didn’t have to. Though he now possessed an intellect thousands of times greater than the human brain, this that the Lord did for him was impossible to understand – impossible to express the gratitude he possessed.
And the indestructible called Moses for a nano-season, traveling light-eons per second through the membranes, saturated within and without by the Continuum, entered the light as its brightness waxed hot around him; the Archangel named Yacobah who stood in his stead, howled with indefinable inexpressible excruciating joy.
Traveling through the gulf between the Hades Universe, he entered the starless Paradise Universe and stood on the Paradise Planet as millions of his brothers mobbed him excitedly, while the Holy Spirit set him on felicitated fire. He gazed upward with wide-eyed wonder through the membranes seeing The Great House of The One floating between time and space.
Thousands of voices consumed his mind. Yacobah hugged millions; in his head, he’d never be alone again! And grinning with unspeakable joy, Yacobah-Moses looked at Elias who was his brother Aaron in the flesh; and they laughed delightfully and danced fitfully with their brothers in overwhelming ecstasy praising the greatness of The Lord. And billions of Angels locked in the Paradise Universe, who waited for the promise of The Messiah, reverberated and vibrated, saturated completely throughout and within with the music of the Holy Spirit, and the resonance of the entire whole, nonstop full throttle for three and a half days.
Paradise was a precise replica of the first Heaven, except in the capital city Yahusalem; there was no Great House of The One - only a seven-hundred square-mile exquisitely manicured vineyard where it had formerly stood. The gigantic Laviah Zoo Complex reached ten miles into the atmosphere in its massive glory, and the ten nations of Heaven, the topography, the dinosaurs and animal life, and wilderness remained the same. Except that the predators now ate grass, it was exactly like being home.
He returned to his apartment inlayed with tons of ornate gold, and marveled deeply that all his prized possession gathered over the eternities, which he thought were destroyed were there. He walked into his three-hundred fifty acre apartment; it was the same as he had left it, before the Gathering of the Great Destruction. As he excitedly walked into his old apartment, his pet lamb raced across the carpet, gleefully jumping into his arms, furiously licking his face.
Yacobah fell to the plush carpet weeping, shouting praises to The One for his exquisite unnatural goodness, friendship, and brotherhood: to live once again in inconceivable luxury.
Five miles above the Paradise Planet, he looked out of the huge hundred-yard highly polished diamond windowpane looking at the clouds and the beautiful panoramic view below. The cityscape consisted of thousands of ruby, onyx, opaque pearl, and diamond bricked skyscrapers reaching miles into the bluest of skies, continuing in all directions over the horizons.
In his mind he stood alone for a moment, as he reflected on his flesh life – what he thought was a lifetime was less than a microscopic drop in the billions of oceans of the final eternity. His death sentence and Promised Land punishment possessed no significance; The One received much glory and honor through him, a chosen soldier in the grand tapestry of salvation. And he marveled about the awesome unsearchable love The One wrapped in perfect wisdom. It all made perfect sense now.
And he looked through the atmosphere, through the membranes, seeing the Hades universe with its singular planet - Hades. And for a fleeting something, he felt sadness for his brothers languishing in their own self-created hell.
In his mind, he slowly said his old name – Moses; he thanked the Lord for being his closest friend in the entire universes, for in his sovereignty he didn’t have to be the way he was – perfect and holy. Though he knew he wouldn’t see The One again face to face until Yahshua did whatever he was going to do on the cross, he knew everything would be more than okay.
Yacobah turned slowly away from the massive window towards the others, surfacing from his reflections, smiling widely, filled with joy unspeakable, overflowing with the Continuum, filled to the brim with unbridled perfection and holiness.
And Anisce, Allayah, Jessah, Amirah, Mabou, and Elias sat with Yacobah on the huge exquisitely stitched gelatinous couch in front of a massive diamond bricked holographic stage watching one of the thousands of shows offered by the Paradise Media. And twenty thousand Angels crowded into his apartment, laughing with joy, praising the Lord for his goodness and love.
So Moses the servant of the Lord died in the land of Moab, and God buried him deep within the mountain over against Bethpeor, but no man knows of his sepulcher unto this day.
And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died, and the children of Israel wept for Moses in the plains of Moab thirty bitter days. For mankind was unable to process the holy precept of rejoicing at death and mourning at birth – for it was truly truth immutable that blessed are the eyes that never see the evil under the sun.
And Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom; for Moses laid his hands upon him and the children of Israel hearkened unto him, and did as the Lord commanded Moses. And there would never arise another prophet on the earth like unto Moses, whom The One would know intimately face to face.

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