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Do you remember when you became conscious of being a living being? I do. Here is my experience.

And the lights went on and I could see!

I am aware I suppose, I'm just not really registering.

And then, suddenly, I become conscious of my surroundings. It's like the lights just went on upstairs. It's kind of like having had my eyes open the whole time, but still I wasn't consciously taking in what has been going on around me.

Now it's like I'm taking a leap in brain evolution. Something is being switched on.

I've known I was here, I just weren't really in the moment. Now I am in the moment.

Yep, there I am, in the mirror of her dressing unit, being held by my sister Elly on this side of the mirror. And I can record in my memory banks what she's saying, and interpret it!

"Look the monkey!", she says playfully. I can see myself in the mirror smiling like babies smile when they're enjoying the playful atmosphere.

Man this is great! How have I been living until now? Things can only get very exciting from here on.

Is this my very first memory? May very well be.

But from here on, living in the moment and storing the experiences in my memory will not stop for what now seems like an infinite future.

I have started life as a comprehending, conscious human. Hooray! Life is so interesting now.


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I like eggs for breakfast. I live on top of a hill inside a beautiful but old dwelling complex. I like to take life in through my senses and then give feedback through my writing.

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