And then played the band!

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It's not over until the people of all shapes and sizes play!

...And then played the band!

Mother and Father are so involved in the community. With the members of our church, they are planning a big do. Not only are they coaching a choir, but Mother is also putting together a band with the children, and Father is playing a wicked witch and Mother playing the piano in their adaptation of Snow White.

Karlien and I are part of the children's band. One day we're playing outside as usual and forget about the band practise in our living room. But then we happen to venture by our living room and we hear the music. We're too scared to go in now because we're late. Mother will have our hides.

So we just say on the patio where we can clearly hear them, and we practise with them. Karlien and I play the drums, so we play aidrum as we would have had we been with the band with our instruments. Harrison and Karlien's brother both play the blokfluit (recorder). There are many other kids who play all sorts of things from triangles to clappers.

Don't know if somebody heard us, but Mother comes outside to get us. She's not mad but rather pleased that we're there because now we can come in and play with the band.

Sunday evenings after church, Harrison and I have many many friends. That is because all the people who sing in the choir come by our house, and they bring their kids along. But this is starting to take a toll on my toys because the toys just can't take so much beating and playing with. My room is a freakin' mess every Sunday night after everyone leaves. And then Father tells Harrison and I to clean it up. Seriously, have you seen what it looks like when a whole group of children have been in a room for an evening? Well, it was loads of fun anyway.

Well, it's coming closer and closer to the big evenings. The choir and us kids and some other talent performances will be the opening acts for the evening, and then will play the big Snow White production.

The response is amazing. We make the paper. And people come in hordes and droves to watch.

The venue is Golden Head Primary School's assembly hall. Petros does the filming with Father's video camera. Well, I say video camera but along with the camera is a whole portable system that includes a video tape recorder and some things. There's a whole setup in the middle of the assembly hall where Petros operates.

Lights look like magic on the video recording. Whenever the camera moves, there is this whole long shiny tail dragging after every light source in the room. Very interesting.

The church preacher plays Snow White. Actually most all the female characters are played by men, aside from a few. Apparently it's funnier this way.

I admire Mother's piano playing because she accompanies everybody even when they adlib. She's gifted that way to be able to make up the music when the actors decide to add their own improv.

Well, the evenings were fun. Tickets sold like crazy. Whoever knew people could enjoy a 5 to 6 hour evening of concerts so intensely. I guess the secret was to open with the smaller acts first and end with the big bang. That way people stay because they anticipate that the best is still coming all the time.

Fun times thanks to Father and Mother and their extreme ambitions.


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