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So, is classical music still part of your life? Probably. But who cares about you? Let's talk about André Rieu.

André Rieu has brought classical music back into the modern time, to be as big as it was when kings and queens listened to concerts in their courts. Provided that actually happened. Which it probably did.

André Rieu

For Freedom day, Father, Mother and Marzeus have gone to see André Rieu in the Sun City Superbowl.

Wow, the place is so full. Just like on all the Andre Rieu DVD's and videos. Except on the DVD's his show is usually outside in some pretty Europeanlike city. Here it is indoors in an African theme park type place.

The first thing that almost ruined the whole thing, was the attempt of whoever is handling the sound, to burst the entire audience's ear drums. The sound is literally so loud that it makes you want to puke and lose your mind and die from internal blood vibration.

Aside from the sound being so extremely loud that it really hurt people's ears and Marzeus started feeling extremely tired and nautious and ill from the overtly loud sound carrying on for three hours, it was a really great experience.

Andre Rieu has very subtle humor that everybody enjoys. The show is very fun. There is for example a bull that chases a woman dressed in red, posing as one of the audience members but is obviously planted there. And there are balloons falling down from the ceiling on top of everybody! Who doesn't like balloons falling on you. Gotta play around with the balloons a bit. It's like instinct.

What a great Freedom day it was! Because of Andre Rieu. Not because it was a day called "Freedom Day" or whatever political gibberish. The beautiful music made it a beautiful day. Thanks Andre Rieu!

Tip for Andre Rieu: Please make sure the sound volume level is under fifty billion to the power trillion decibels. Marzeus' hearing ability was dramatically decreased after this show, because of the long exposure to inhumanly intolerable sound volume levels. He literally squeezed his hands firmly against his head during the entire show in order to block some sound off his ears, but it wasn't enough to help.

Other than that, the show is fantastic!

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