Angels Are Real

Ariela Sophia By Ariela Sophia, 7th Jul 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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How I was helped by a complete stranger in a new city.


I had Planned and dreamt of this trip for a long time now,I so needed it,I needed a break from all this hard work over the last seven months. I called the airline I was to fly with and made my reservations,shopped for my folks,made sure I left no stone unturned. I was so excited,I couldn't wait,the hours grew longer. Nights seemed unending. Finally it was here,the day I have been long expecting. Like a child waiting for christmas,I sat on my bed wide awake,I pleaded with sleep to come to my rescue but it never did. As early as 6am I had my bath because I had a train to catch,so I could go to another town to get a flight. As usual I woke up,prayed to God,had a bath and headed out,I had butterflies in my stomach,I was excited. Little did I know,that the day had its own plans.

The trip

I sat in the train looking at the trees,flowers and the birds of the air,it was such a beautiful sight. I was having fun,from time to time I called my friends,we talked about different things,things they want me to get,we talked about the opposite sex,things girls do. It was a short trip,so I kept myself busy,before I knew it,I was at my destination. I alighted the train,before leaving I took a quick look to make sure I left nothing behind. I made my way to the train station. The crowd was surprisingly large. I squeezed myself through the door,the struggle was unusual,being as petite as I am,not like I have any problems being this petite,I hard to use all my strength to go through the door,there was a man by my side that kept pushing me in a funny manner,I discarded any funny ideas believing it was all because of the crowd. I finally got out,got a taxi and headed for the airport.


At the airport,I opened my handbag to bring out my wallet to pay the taxi guy,then I realised my wallet was gone,perplexed I begged the taxi man to take me back to the train station,I went looking for my wallet. It was no where to be found. I had some very important items in it. I then headed back for the airport. The ride back to the airport was agonising. I thought of so many things,I wished for so much,I immediately lost weight in my minds eye,I felt empty and helpless. So this was it,I hard no money,I had nothing. I still held on though,I walked into the airport,only to face worse.

The world's weight on my shoulders

I knew it had happened,yet I used what was left of my strength to walk to the counter. Oh,you are late,booking was closed few minutes a go,she said,these words rang in my ears a million times. I was leaving,when I suddenly stopped and asked,what I could do. I was told to wait for someone to attend to me. I waited for sometime,then finally someone came. I asked what I must do. I was to pay a find for the flight,I enquired if I could fly that day,they said no but I could fly the next day from another city. I accepted,I was told everything then billed,I had to pay about three hundred dollars,where will I get that from,no wallet,no cards,nothing. I stood there unable to move,I so wanted to travel,I was desperate.

In a minute

Then a young man walked up to me,asked if I was alright,I told him what I was going through. To my surprise,he said he could do something for me. He paid the bill,I was shocked,I have never met this man in my life. I was a stranger,how could he do such,like that wasn't enough,he took me to the train station,got a train ticket for the next day to another city where I could fly from. Then took me to his apartment to rest and have something to eat before starting another journey. There I was grateful and confused,some minutes ago it seemed like the whole universe was against me and it seconds that same universe seemed to favour me,it was God definitely,it was an angel he sent,my angel. Hours later,I was in a new city,still without money but every step of the way,God positioned t help me. Finally I made it to my final destination. Through out the trip I kept thinking of the young man who helped me,how did it happen? Was I dreaming? Can people be this extremely nice? There I was confused in a city I have never been to,and there was my angel waiting for me.

A better me

It occurred to me that,I am never alone all I need do is hope,believe and press on. Up till this minute I can not say how or where my wallet got missing. I give God the glory though,he is faithful. Angels are every where. You can never walk alone. I remain grateful and hope to pass on this kindness.


Believe, Hope

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author avatar Ariela Sophia
I am an optimist. A combination of melancholic and choleric traits. My writings will be inspirational and very original. I hope to be able to reach out through my writings.

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author avatar Don richy
8th Jul 2013 (#)

ANGELS really do exist....tumbs up sofia,nice write up...and I sure do expect more!!!

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author avatar Prechi
5th Oct 2013 (#)

Wow, angels do exist

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