Angels exist...... They are called strangers!!

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If our faith in God is stong.... angels can appear anywhere!!

This happens only in Goa!!!!

An incident that made me believe that good hearted people still exist, took place on a rainy night right here in Goa!!
We were returning home after dropping off our friend at the airport late in the night and what should happen right on a deserted strech of road.... no,thankfully, our tires were fine but my husband had misjudged the bend in the road as there were no street lights on, and we had landed into a ditch. Since there did not seem to be anyone around, we decided to try our hand at lifting the car.....It did not move an inch.... but we both got splashed with muddy water and ended up looking like dirty tramps sitting around!!! . Our chances for help seemed even more distant now.

The clothes maketh the man!!

Imagine our surprise when a young well dressed couple stopped.Hesitantly at first but fortunately they reversed and came to check on us anyway.The wife seemed scared , I would have been too, after all, one hears about highway thefts very often now.....but thankfully ,the husband was more courageous and came out of the car to ask if we needed help. We knew that even with his help, the car would not bulge but at least we had the assurance that now we were not alone. A little later ,a few other passing cars also stopped and together , we were able to bodily lift out our car and set it back on the road
Everyone admitted though that they would not have given us a second glance ,if they had not noticed this well dressed couple with us!! They said that they would have just thought we were highway robers trying to earn an extra buck and would have driven away with their doors and windows locked for protection!!!
That was the day our faith in humanity was renewed. Our saviours dissapeared into the night soon after but left in our minds the feeling that we were indeed assited by angels that day. Thank you for being there for us that day!!!


True Experience, True Story

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Am a post graduate who was working till very recently as a senior guest relations excecutive for a five star property in Goa. I am very fond of reading and love to write up short articles too.

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author avatar Anisha Achankunju (Aiyanna)
16th Sep 2011 (#)

They are called Good Samaritans and they help people when they are in need. I call them Angels without wings....

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author avatar Retired
16th Sep 2011 (#)

yeah good guys and gals help around for free...generous liked this one

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