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A lot at a subgroup of the Episcopal church in the United States that I find interesting.

my experience with this group

I have many interests and one of them is various religious faiths. I remember as a teen checking a book out of the library entitled something like "The Three Hundred Christian Denominations in America". I was fascinated for weeks about all these unusual groups. There was one group who believed that the world was flat. There was another that believed that humanity was born with one of two seeds in their soul. If they were born with the bad seed, nothing could save them, if born with the good seed, apparently they were safe. Fascinating to me.

This post is not about anything that extreme however. This post is about a subdivision of the church known in the United States as the episcopal church. The group I am talking about is called the Anglo-Catholics, or alternatively "High Church."

You see, the church I visited several times over the last year falls into that sub-group. Now what does that mean? First of all, they hold to a lot of the ancient rituals first found in the Roman Church, I guess. For example, they use incense at the altar and over the congregation. Don't ask me what that is symbolic of, as I was raised strict protestant. I think it has something to do with bringing before God your prayers, but it is a very vague sense. Perhaps someone out there in reader land can educate me. In addition, the liturgy includes a certain amount of chanting.

On the otherhand, of the two types of Anglo-Catholc theologies, this on falls into the liberal sub-category (who knew a sub-category would have a sub-category...LOL). Why? For two because this body acknowledges and values the right of woman to be priests, and two, they have a very open policy toward Gay and Lesbian folk.

This information surprised me when I first read and heard it, because previously the only time I had ever heard "Anglo-Catholic" spoken of, it was because the group fit the conservative arm, and was leaving the episcopal church over the fact that they objected to one of the two issues mentioned above that the episcopal church has made some fairly recent decisions about.


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author avatar Carol Roach
6th Mar 2015 (#)

I don't know about these churches except the episcopalian church is the us is my church, Anglican sub division high Anglican in Canada, now we don't burn incense

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author avatar Vickie Collins
6th Mar 2015 (#) it is a subcategory of the denomination and a very very high church subcategory at that. I swear I think they are more "Catholic" than Rome...LOL

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author avatar Kingwell
24th Mar 2015 (#)

Vickie, I was born and raised in The Anglican Church of Canada, although as Newfoundland was not a part of Canada until I was nine years old we were known as then known as The Church Of England In Newfoundland. The Episcopalian Church in the US is part of the world wide Anglican communion. Some Anglican churches here use incense but most don't. Sadly we are not as liberal as the church in the US although we do have women priests. The church does not marry gays or lesbians but are more open than some churches in that regard and there is an ongoing discussion about the possibility of changing all that. I rarely attend church any more but I was a regular for all but the past ten years or so. My ideas have changed in recent years but I am not an atheist, in fact I am more spiritual than I have ever been. I enjoy your posts very much. Blessings.

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