Animal Rights - A story you cannot ignore

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A Horror Story to scare you. Based on a waitress in a Restaurant who encounters three women who are advocates of Animal rights and the confrontation takes an unexpected turn....


Are you ready to order yet Ladies?

Mona came to the table to ask the three ladies.

Do you have something that isn’t meat?” Asked the fattest Lady

Well yes! I suppose we do have fish” Replied Mona

No, not even fish. Fish is no good”, Replied the fat woman. “You see Mona, Fish too are living beings, and they too have feelings like the rest of us

The Fat woman’s two friends too nodded in agreement.

You are right, we should not eat them” Replied the Red haired woman’

We would be monsters if we eat them” Replied the Blond Woman

The three woman looked at each other and then at Mona with a look of contempt. The fatter one then said “Ok! How about some tofu? Do you serve tofu? We could have that!

Tofu! Well I don’t know and I don’t think so. But I would go back and check” Replied Mona and turned away towards the kitchen. As she began to walk towards the kitchen, the blond woman caught hold of her and said “Look, we simply want something that isn’t made from some kind of a living being

Well you could have chips with..” Mona replied

Chips! That’s the best you can do, Chips” this time the red haired one interrupted her

Well we do serve salad, you can have that” Said Mona, a little agitated. She was getting irritated and having a headache. She did not want this right now

So it is either chips or Salad” Replied the Fat woman.

Well you could have Beans on toast”

The three women exchanged glances and looked with disdain towards Mona. Mona so did not need this. She was already having a severe headache and now with this biting shoe of hers, she was having severe pain in her feet as well. She was aching from both ends and these three women were making it more difficult for her.

Are you alright honey? “ Andy shouted from inside the kitchen.

Are you alright Mona? I bet you are. But the same cannot be said about the animals that you kill in here to serve us. Poor little creatures.” Said the fat Woman.

Yes! Do you know how they kill them? They Gas the poor animals and let them bleed to death. Poor creatures are Gassed to death simply because we want to have our Meals” Replied the Red haired one. “You see the Hamburger over there. I can see a Bleeding Cow there” She said raising her Voice.

The Entire restaurant had stopped eating and was now looking at the three women and the waitress. No one was eating and felt like eating. The Fat wan who was eating hamburger was frozen dead with Hamburger still in his hands. The Fat woman seeing the attention they were getting raised her voice further and said- “You see My Dear, You are wearing a leather shoe. Do you know it is made out of Animal skin? How can you wear Dead Animal skin on yourself? I can see Blood just dipping out of your Shoe

Yes I am wearing Leather Shoes. These are L-E-A-T-H-E-R! Get It! “Mona’s temper was turning red along with her cheeks.“I wear leather because it allows my feet to breathe. Yes we do serve meat here because people love eating meat. I love eating meat. Before going home, I would eat a Hamburger and I would enjoy that! Animals are just another part of the food chain

Look Mo-” The fat one tried interrupting Mona

But if you don’t like eating meat, that’s your choice. If you want to live on salad for the rest of your life, that’s also your choice

I don’t like your Attitude

If you don’t like my attitude you are free to leave.” Replied Mona

The Three woman left and Mona went back to the kitchen with a big round of Applause following her from the fellow diners.


It was quite late when Mona left the Restaurant. The Streets were deserted and it was all eerily quiet. Mona’s Legs were trained to walk towards her home and they were doing that perfectly, without any help from her head even though her headache was gone now.As she turned round the corner, she could see that three fat woman from the restaurant were standing near a lamp post. She could see that they were looking for her. She could see them coming towards her

She started to run. With tired feet in shoes that pinched, Mona ran. She turned left at the top of the street and looked back. They were still coming with no signs of slowing down.

They were led by biggest woman. “God, all that blubber isn’t slowing the big woman down at all.” Mona said to herself. Her synthetic shoes with thesensible heels gave her an advantage over Mona. Maybe wearing leather was after all a bad idea. She realized that she would have to increase her pace. But those leather shoes made of dead animals were making here run like one. Reaching down, she took off first one, and then the other shoe, and ran with them in her hands. At least if they caught her she would have something to defend herself with.

She looked back again and saw that she had opened up the gap. She ran even more quickly feeling a little bit of energy in her.

Cow Killer, We will kill you””

Even their voices sounded violent. Mona took a left, down an alleyway.

Too late, she realized it was a dead end.

She turned around. Too late again. Her exit was blocked.

Got you now.Not so smart with your mouth now, are you?” The Fat one was the first to get hold of her

Look, I don’t know what your problem is, but I just want to get home, okay?” Said Mona in a tiring Voice

The thing is, Mona, we don’t have a problem” .The fat woman led her two consorts further into the alley.”It’s people like you who are the problem. If you think that you’re scared now, just think how the poor cows feel when they’re led into the slaughter house

Mona began backing away. You could never find a policeman when you needed one.

And why is that, Mona? Just Because People like you can eat their lunches and enjoy

Mona kept backing away, but didn’t see the trash can behind her. She tripped and landed, painfully, on her rump, dropping her shoes in the process. The fat woman was quick to act on her advantage. She flew at Mona and slammed her back onto the ground. The woman was so heavy

that Mona could hardly breathe. As she struggled for breath Blondie and Red each took one of her arms and pinned her hands down.

Just another part of the food chain, eh? I think that’s what you said ", Said the Blonde woman holding her down. “I called killing as Barbaric” Mona struggled but it was useless.

"And what you’re doing right now isn’t it barbaric? I’m a human being for Christ’s sakes. Don’t human beings have rights?" Mona Replied

"We’re all animals, sweetheart. We’re just the kind that walks on two legs instead of four, that’s all." Said the Red haired laughing at her

Screw all this talking, Let's just cut her.” Fat Woman said to her accomplices and fished a knife out ofher pocket. The Blonde also took out another knife from her pocket. That left the redhead with both Mona's arms to contend with while her friends opened the blade. Mona managed to pull her right hand free. A vodka bottle had spilled from the Trash Can. Mona picked it up and swung it at the fat woman's head. Continuing the same arc that her arm was already following, she slashed open one of the redhead's cheeks with the now broken bottle. Red screamed and raised both hands to protect a face that already matched her hair. Mona wrestled her way out from underneath the fat woman and climbed to her feet only to be sent sprawling against the wall when Blondie hit her from the side. From the pain in her shoulder blade, Mona realized that she had not been merely shoved, but that Blondie's knife had been shoved into her. It hurt like hell..


Some of the redhead’s blood had splashed onto Mona’s cheek. She reached up and wiped it off with her finger. She licked the finger and smiled at her attackers. It was not a normal smile; it was a smile that could freeze the blood of any normal person. It had been a long time. Too long. Her blouse grew tight against her skin and she listened to the stitching ripping open on the shoulders of her jacket. It was too late to stop now

Oh Shit! Shit! Something Strange is happening here.” Said the blonde to one to her friends. She could hardly speak and looked towards her friends for some help. But the fat one kept staring at her blankly and Red said that she needs an ambulance. Mona watched Blondie backing away from her. She could hear Red’s Panicked breathing. Soft, blonde hair that was as fine as silk erupted from Mona’s every pore and her French manicure became something much more deadly.

You,” Mona growled. ”Are just another part of the food chain.”

She turned towards the woman who were now too scared to even move. She looked at them and then sprang upon them. It was all over within minutes. She finished all three of them quickly as she hadn’t done this for so long. She relished the last bite of flesh from Blondie’s legs and felt relieved after so long. She had been tired of living like this and pretending to be what she was not. And of always trying to do the right thing. After all Animals do have rights and she sure was one.


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Hi, i am Shaunak. I am a Technology freak who loves writing Poetry and Short stories. I also write about movies, music, business and anything that i find interesting.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
18th May 2012 (#)

Where human rights are ignored, animal rights are far away - Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
19th May 2012 (#)

Your story provided interesting reading. Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
19th May 2012 (#)

What a story !!

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author avatar Retired
19th May 2012 (#)

Wow brilliant! I wrote something similar..and I still didn't see your ending like that! We think alike! Well done!

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
20th May 2012 (#)

This story, Shaunak, is out of this world! You have a vivid imagination and tell you story very well. It is entertaining but chilling as well.

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author avatar ShaneCold
20th May 2012 (#)

Wow! its truly wonderful and awesum.. so lively, i cudd feel the chills. great work

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author avatar urguide
4th Jun 2012 (#)

good story

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