Animal rights and animal wrongs

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"A child born a penniless bastard in brothel has less champions than the dog left behind in the mansion by its master." ~author

Self-hatred versus self-preservation

Those of the animal rights persuasion have a mantra of sorts, that being human is despicable, people are horrible and the scourge of the earth. Yet, none seem willing to relinquish their spot in the scheme of things to make room for their claimed superior beings.

A past VP of the widely known organization, PETA, perhaps said it most honestly, if severely skewed, as to professed beliefs. Her life was worth more than others, even other diabetics depending on insulin, because she fought for the animals. While self-preservation is a trait of any living being, hypocrisy is a human only trait.

The only animal putting another species before itself is a small percentage of humans and this goes against anything in nature, anything considered natural. Learning from the natural world around them seems to be neglected, ignored and otherwise fantasized into something not even resembling nature.

To remove oneself from nature is self-loathing, suicidal and unnatural. The most basic instinct allows for self-preservation. It is neither enlightened, nor morally superior. No other species is stupid enough to allow another species to dominate its own.

While personal choice is to be respected, it is not a one way street or the condoning and allowance of bullying tactics in the physical or mental form by animal rights activists. We are humans, we should not feel guilty for being human any more than the tiger, dog or monkey is expected to feel guilt for being part of the world. Nor do others have the right to attempt to inflict guilt upon us or our children.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Yes, animal rights and animal welfare are two very different things.

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author avatar Bipolar Blogger
30th Jul 2013 (#)

"Her life was worth more than others, even other diabetics depending on insulin, because she fought for the animals."

What an ignorant opinion to have of ones self, I suppose she thinks her personal value is higher than that of a Doctor, Mother or Minister too.

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