Annual leave from work is a right

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This offer of unlimited holidays in some companies has left me thinking if it isn't another trick of financial capitalism to get rid of employees for free.

Annual leave from work is a right

In my last paid job, several departmental managers wanted to give us an extra day off when we had just returned from the two that we were entitled. However, none of us wanted to accept this.
Will I be paid? I asked my boss, but she said nothing and continued working on the weekly roster.
She even suggested me if I wasn't going to be better off working part time and I replied to her that the wages I earned working full time weren't great, so, working part time I was not going to earn not even for peanuts and that, on the other hand, I had agreed to work full time since day one...
On these days, I read that in some companies, they're thinking of letting their employees to have unlimited holidays. At first, it sounds great, but this has left me thinking if this isn't another trick from capitalism to get rid of employees for free.
Say one accepts to have unlimited holidays from work whenever one wishes or needs, but will they be paid or, on the contrary, one will be off, but one won't have much to spend during those holidays?
Weekly days off or paid annual leave from work as well as social security pension schemes, State controlled health care and education are gains of the Welfare State. This is a system that was established in Europe right after second world war and so we want it to be, because the capitalist system (now turned into financial capitalism) isn't a fair system with those people that are worse off and who count themselves by millions worldwide and it was decided that the State had to provide for them.
The quantity of holidays a working person is to take legally depends on labour or trade union agreements, but it won't be less than 20 days a year in Europe. Most people have two days off a week, but many others will have one and a half day a week or, at least, one day a week and they'll be paid for them as well as when we take annual leave and these are rights that we aren't to give up. We want what it was established long ago. No more and no less.
However, I wouldn't trust these companies that are offering to their employees unlimited holidays, because none of them are going to pay for holidays taken on a whim and if they aren't going to pay us for extra holidays, why the hell do we want them unless one earns a great salary and has a lot saved in the bank?
The main reason of the Welfare State when it was established was eight hour work, eight hour for study and eight hour sleep. This makes 24 hours.
No company are going to give us paid holidays whenever we want them and therefore this seems a trick to get rid of employees for free.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
26th Jul 2015 (#)

Good article on the HR issue. Everything should be balanced in terms of employer and employees.

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author avatar vickylass
26th Jul 2015 (#)

All of us want and need holidays that help us to unwind and to take work again in full beans, but this new trend to offer unlimited holidays seems to me a trick or a scam.

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author avatar peachpurple
26th Jul 2015 (#)

Boss should state the rules out whether annual leave are paid or not

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author avatar Retired
27th Jul 2015 (#)

In the UK you have statutory rights to paid leave, on top of weekends and national holidays (or other days in lieu). If your employer refuses to respect these rights they can be taken to court.

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author avatar vickylass
27th Jul 2015 (#)

It's what I say annual leave as well as weekly days off and public holidays are holy ones in Europe.

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