Anonymous..the Movie and Full Explanation of those Times

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The movie Anonymous is a rather dark telling of murder, incest, love, writing and of course the great bard himself, William Shakespeare. With pictures to illustrate I have written this enjoy!

Enter the Players

Off with their heads the Queen she cried
The famed writer in disguise
Bewailed did he
His son

'Twas Robert Devereaux
Earl of Essex he did be
The unknown son of Elizabetta
Queen of England true

The machinations of her minister
William Cecill by name
Lord Chancellor of fame
Yet of repute ill

A Puritan was he
With all the drab accoutrements
Of such biased folk
Their piety a ghastly joke

Down Through Time

It came about in story told
By film makers so very bold
A political thriller by any other name
Would smell as sweet!

Perhaps an inner knowing came to them
The writers of this piece
That Shakespeare did indeed
A ghost writer have
As I do too within

One who penned pieces quite sublime
That have come down to us through time
Engrossing still as they were then
In 16th century Lond-en

Nobly Brought Up Were They

Elizabetta it was rumoured
A multitude of lovers have did she
And many children from her loins
Did come
Mostly boys they were
But not recognized
With families of the kingdom named
Noble upbringings did they receive

Not knowing were of these
The fathers
Except one rainy day when
Robert Cecil on his deathbed lay

To his hunchback son he did give this news
All details were explained
Earls of Southampton, Leicester, Oxford too
Were the offspring of the queen

The Overturning

The day did come when Cecil fearing that
James of Scotland a puritan man as he
Would never gain the English throne
He laid a vicious plot and lured
The queen's son Devereaux into his cunning claws

He told the aged Elizabeth
Her son was plotting to overturn
And from her take the throne

Arrest them all she screamed at him
As into the courtyard they did ride
And blunderbusses cut them down
The men who moments previously
Bold and beautiful had ridden in

Dawning of Knowing

And as Edward de Vere limped to meet his
Ex mistress, the Queen
Instead through mullioned panes of glass
His son he saw cut down and taken prisoner

Then Cecil with gloating eyes told him
In front of you you see
Your son by Queen Elizabeth
But this to you I tell
You are her son as well
Incest of the highest degree
You and she

What was His Name?

So now you ask what of the man Shakespeare was his name
The one who penned his way to fame
Well he was in truth (not really so)
Edward de Vere
And lover of the Queen

Impassioned was he by voices deep inside
Crying they to him to put their words on paper
Verses quite sublime that had the london mobs
Cheer madly
At the plays that were performed on stage

The Untrue Account

Now my friends this is such a garbled account
Of what was really so
But Hollywood has found great ways
To keep our attention riveted
On what they want to show

Believe, disbelieve
It matters not to me
I love the pageantry and all
The gallantry
and the scenery


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th Apr 2012 (#)

wowie Steve,,so fast and a star to boot! many thanks!

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
28th Apr 2012 (#)

"A Puritan was he
With all the drab accoutrements
Of such biased folk
Their piety a ghastly joke"

Just freaking brilliant I say, freaking brilliant! Wish I could write like that.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th Apr 2012 (#)

yeah do in your own inimitable way...

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author avatar Buzz
28th Apr 2012 (#)

You pulled a master stroke again, dear. Brilliant star!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th Apr 2012 (#)

thank you Buzz again...

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author avatar Val Mills
28th Apr 2012 (#)

Hadn't heard of this movie, so now it is a definite to watch out for.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
28th Apr 2012 (#)

What a wonderful creative way to review movies through your stunning poetry...very wonderfully done cn...

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th Apr 2012 (#)

Delicia love, thank you for your comment..this piece took quite a time to put together....

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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
28th Apr 2012 (#)

Great page, Thank you.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
29th Apr 2012 (#)

Fabulous review of the movie. It's immaterial whether it's true or not. The Hollywood directors can be trusted to conjure up a nice story and convert it into an engrossing picture. One must doff his hat to the director.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Apr 2012 (#)

thank you GV

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author avatar xphantoms
1st May 2012 (#)

nice page, and like image

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