Another way of living is possible

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On rural and urban orchards that are letting people to grow on their own food.

Another way of living is possible

Ever since I read about rural or urban orchards, I've been for them. I live now in a capital city and, therefore, I've little space to grow on something that could be useful in my kitchen, but having as I have a couple of sun kissed windows that face a patio, I'm trying to grow my own aromatic herbs and, perhaps, some other vegetables that could grow on such small place.
I've got problems with my tiny orchard, though, but I guess they've been the problems that any farmer has had with his crops. We sometimes sow things, hoping that on the next season they'll spring up, but they don't, or, unexpectedly, one gets something that one never thought of getting.
Patiently, one removes these weeds, cleans the earth and starts up again.
Time will come when my windowsills will be full of oregano, mint, basil, spring onions or cherry tomatoes.
Whether rural or urban ones, these orchards are a trend to be taken seriously. They aren't a joke, taking into account what big food companies are doing with the food that we usually buy and eat from big supermarkets. Does anyone believe that these red and round tomatoes that are tasteless or taste like plastic are real tomatoes?
Transgenic food is already a fact and whether we accept it or we start growing our own food if we wish to be well fed and healthy.
No one knows what effects of transgenic food will have on people, but chances are that they'll affect us seriously on our health, if it isn't already.
Laboratories aided by governments will claim that they have to do so, because there'll soon be a shortage of food worldwide, but this is groundless. How can they say that they have to make food in laboratories when large quanttities of earth remains idle or pray of weeds, litter and rats?
Everywhere there're spaces to grow orchards where people can grow their own food. There're abandoned towns and cities.
In some cities or towns, councils or local authorities are letting people have spaces to grow food. In others, however, they do not.
Many landowners would rather let their properties be full of weeds and stones rather than letting people to grow vegetables on it and, perhaps, to get a profit.
It's been long since governments and financial markets worked out their plan to let the countryside die and they pushed people to live in cities. Now the cities are overcrowded and there're no jobs for everyone. How can they tell us that there're no spaces to create orchards when most of the countryside is dying?
Many people will think we're facing a gloomy future, but those who are starting to grow on their own food in whatever space they have think another way of living is possible far from this situation in which the financial markets are plunging us. We should start thinking of this opportunity to start being truly free people, because those who are able to grow on their own food will be truly free ones.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
21st Sep 2014 (#)

fabulous doing this Vickylass...i also grow oregano, sage and thyme and rosemary, mint too...the terrible heat here has killed most of them so will replant soon...carry on the good work dear lady...

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author avatar vickylass
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

My thyme was doing fairly well and I even gave some to my sister from my own crops, but these days it isn't very well. I think it's got too much sun. I'll have to replant it again in another pot to see if it recovers. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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author avatar Utah Jay
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

I also grow all my own herbs, basil, thyme 2 verities, oregano, sage (3 kinds) rosemary, lemon balm, and garlic. I am thinking of letting folks who have no space to grow come here and plant a garden on my ground.

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author avatar vickylass
23rd Sep 2014 (#)

That´s very good idea to let other folks to plant on your grounds and perhaps all of you will benefit each other from team work.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
24th Sep 2014 (#)

Vickylass, excellent article. I truly enjoyed reading it. I grow my own vegetables and herbs. Fresh vegetables are a delight for my family. It is a lot of work. But, it is very worth it. Any extras that we have we share with family, neighbors and friends.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
26th Sep 2014 (#)

Beautiful post and one of a kind too mate, cheers for your one of a kind talent and inspiration!

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