Apathy and Inaction

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A story about how a robbery I witnessed changed prompted me to stop looking and start helping

The story of how a robbery changed my indifference to action

Inaction is a huge problem and many people are victims of it.

I was walking back from the job one late evening and the only other people on the street was an old man who seemed to be heading to the local train station and a couple of younger guys (all three were headed in the opposite direction). I first passed the old man and he was minding his own business and such, not paying much attention to the surroundings, and then passed the younger guys. But as I passed those guys, I noticed they were acting a bit shady (shifty eyes, quick glances around the street and such) but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

A few minutes later, I was further down the street when I heard a shout. I turned back to find the older man on the floor and the younger guys sprinting away from the crime scene with a bag that they didn’t previously have.

Most notably, these motherfuckers were sprinting in my direction.

I had a chance to stop them but for some reason, I just let them pass and kept on walking, as if to say:

“Not my problem”

I thought that would be the end of the issue but once I got home, I was hit with a serious wave of guilt. Not at the fact that I could’ve stopped them but rather at my failure to even try and stop them. Honestly speaking, I felt I was a worse person than those crooks. Sure, the old man could’ve been more vigilant and those guys were bastards for doing what they did but ultimately, the blame should also fall on me because my inaction allowed those guys to get away. For all I knew, that old man had everything taken from him and the fact that I didn’t even check on him stung even more.

It was one of those time where I forced to take a good look at myself and realize that I wasn’t as good a person as I thought and that (along with a couple of things) led me to try and change and it seemed as if the Lord knew what I was thinking because a couple of weeks later, he gave me an opportunity to redeem myself (so to speak).

On one of the less busy days, I was just chilling outside the casino, guarding the cars when suddenly, the casino doors flew open and some guy ran out like the hounds of hell were after him.

The women inside screaming bloody murder told me everything I needed to know of the situation:

Mufucka stole something

I took off in pursuit and because I was in relatively good shape, I was confident that I’d catch the guy soon…

I ended up chasing that bastard for what felt like a good fifteen minutes which during the entire time, it seemed as if it was practice to him as he was jogging casually with huge strides.

As the chase dragged on, it seemed as if the guy was just getting out of first gear whereas I was barely keeping up.

He took a left into a busy street and when I realized that he was running towards the local mall, the entrance was in view and growing. Ironically, while I was chasing this bastard, people made no attempt whatsoever to try and help me out. The usually crowded sidewalks were parting a way for us like Moses parting the Red Sea.

Similar to me and my situation with the old man, it was as if they were saying:

“Nope, not gonna get into that”

With the mall in sight, I knew I only had one opportunity to catch this bastard as there was no way I’d be able to find him inside the mall so using all my willpower, determination and the last reserves of my energy; I sprinted as hard as I could and tackled him from behind and while I didn’t get him cleanly, I got him to stumble and fall which allowed me to quickly get back on my feet and pounce on him.

I managed to restrain him and we made our way back to the casino where people were lauding my dedication to fighting crime and that more people should stand up and act against it becoming a norm and while those reasons may have played a part in me chasing that bastard down (along with it being my job); I mainly did it for that old man and to “atone” for my part in what happened.

I think that because people have a hesitance to get involved in things they aren’t invested in; it allows certain people to get away with so much but fuck that, I’d to urge folks to not let a bad situation happen to other people just off the fact that it doesn’t involve them. To many people get fucked over due to this and if we as people allow such a mindset to take precedence, that inaction can lead to apathy and for some folks bearing the brunt of that bad situation; it can even lead to a matter of life and death.

To that old man, I know the likelihood of him reading this is nigh on impossible but I’d like to apologise for my part in what happened and also reassure him that I’m making an effort to not let that shit happen to others in our community.


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