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To rebuild a colony in an apocalyptic scenario it is important to understand the importance of politics.

Politics and the Apocalypse

As hard as it may be to accept, politics have an important place in a post apocalyptic scenario. Without some sort of political structure any hope of rebuilding a functional colony is lost. Though many would like to believe that we could live in a purely communal system, the reality is that we need an individual or group of individuals to keep order, settle disputes and make the hard decisions that most are unwilling or otherwise incapable of making themselves. The need for some sort of political structure becomes evident when dealing with issues such as division of labor, morale building, community defense, etc. One aspect that can cause a severe decline in cooperation among colonists is food rationing. Without some sort of leadership, control over food supply can be quite difficult, especially in a group larger than a dozen.

As social creatures, a group will always look to one or more members to take a leadership position. Different factions with different ideals will choose their own leaders who best understand the needs of their own groups. As a colony grows, several factions may arise. There will always be those who wish to keep to themselves, preferring to hide and stay safe, whereas others understand the need to explore, hunt, forage etc. Among any group however, there will be those with a more militant outlook who wish to take a more direct approach by eliminating any and all threats to to their survival.

Alone, any one faction could presumably survive on their own for a period of time without the need for political structure, however, it is virtually impossible for a group of humans to work together for any period of time without the eventual rise of a leader. It is in our nature to cede control to someone with abilities greater than our own. An individual may see the inevitable downfall of the group and rise to take control in order to prevent the demise of his fellow survivors or the group may elect a leader in a time of need, realizing that the group is incapable of coming to a singular decision without mediation.

There are certain scenarios that can be imagined in which the necessity of a strong political structure become evident. Take for instance a scenario in which a colony may be under threat of attack by bands of marauders. There are certain steps that need to be taken in order to ensure the survival and well being of the colonists. First off is negotiation. A singular leader having the best interests of the group must be called upon to attempt a peaceful resolution, possibly even to convince the marauders that they are better off joining the colony. If negotiations fail then said leader must cautiously choose an alternate option. If the options are not chosen carefully it can mean all out war with the marauders, this outcome could mean the deaths of many of the colonists if factions are not carefully coordinated.

Each colony becomes, in essence, it's own country. Deals and partnerships must be formed between colonies so that allies may be called upon in time of need. A colony that gives up too much in exchange for too little is doomed to fail as competing colonies will eventually take advantage of their weakness, whereas a colony that takes too much and gives too little may leave themselves open to acts of aggression. As legal tender will have no place in this world, bartering of services may become the primary currency. Offering medical knowledge and expertise in exchange for agricultural techniques for instance.

In conclusion, only those with a strong and well organized governing body will be prosperous whereas those who are disorganized are likely to perish. We must however, and I can't stress this enough, fall into old habits while building our governments, for our governing body should only exist to ensure the protection and prosperity of it's citizens and not to indenture them into what is essentially slavery as most governments do today. As I see it, the eventuality of an apocalypse will most likely be caused by our current crooked political systems and we must ensure that this does not become a recurring event.

As a final note: Religion has no place in politics for not every citizen has the same system of beliefs.

The apocalypse IS inevitable and we must be prepared,


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author avatar Kingwell
21st Feb 2015 (#)

Great article! Sadly the best people rarely enter politics.

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author avatar J Diggins
21st Feb 2015 (#)

Unfortunately those who do not crave power are the ones who deserve it. Today's politics are nothing more than a power grab.

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