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I knew from working at the local paper that our sleepy town was not always sleepy so I knew observing our little town in the middle of the night was a perfect assignment for my feature writing class.

Lessons learned from feature writing class

After catching the journalism bug from working at a newspaper I changed my career path from child psychology to journalism. I may be a graphic artist but I still have a passion for writing. I am a big fan of the feature story.
There is no surprise that feature writing was my favorite course. We wrote book reviews and other assignments but my favorite was to pick a location and observe everything around us and write about it.
I picked the 24-hour convenience store in the town where I was living. Most would not think much would go on in the middle of a sleepy town in the middle of the night but they would be wrong.
I got there about midnight and had gotten myself comfortable at a table when I saw the flashing of police lights. The local police had pulled over someone. I thought at first it was just someone being pulled over for speeding.
A little later my friend Caroline came in the door. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see her. She knew about my assignment and she was worried about me being there alone in the middle of the night.
We talked and observed customers that came in and out of the store for a couple of hours.
A tow truck driver showed up. It seemed that the person that got pulled over earlier had gotten arrested and the tow truck driver was there to pick up the car.
Then a little later we noticed a pregnant woman walking across the street and coming into the store.
She told us that her husband had left a couple of hours before to get them something for dinner and he never came back. They had just moved there and some of their stuff was still in the car.
We told her about the car getting towed because the driver got arrested. The clerk at the store let her use the phone to call the jail. Apparently they have someone on duty to answers the phone 24 hours.
When the pregnant woman got off the phone she handed the phone back to the clerk with a sigh. It was her husband that got arrested.
She didn’t seem that surprised her husband had gotten arrested. As she walked out of the store she said thank you for the help.
I figured I had enough material for my paper after that incident. I gathered up my materials and Caroline and I left the store and went home.
I was curious about the man that had gotten arrested. I decided to look him up in the arrest report we got every week at the newspaper. He was arrested for possession of marijuana.
Small sleepy towns are not always so sleepy.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
6th Sep 2015 (#)

Hope she left him and went to start her family of two or three or whatever rather than have such a scumbag who would kill their offspring later because of drugs in the household.

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