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I love this poem. I wrote it a fair few years ago. It is one of my better attempts I believe. Would love to hear what others have to say.
My thoughts and ideas behind writing the verse was that it could potentially be used in some form of advertising campaign. I would simply be made up if that were to come about.


The humble apple is a thing of beauty.
It even has a sense of duty.
For eating one a day, they say,
Quite possibly, keeps the doctor away.

So..., here we have a medical plight.
Implying, the humble apple simply just might,
Have hidden properties within its core,
That could well produce a definitive cure.

In the, 'Garden of Eden,' the apple became,
The unlikely pawn in a religious game.
Opening the cloudy eyes of man,
A devilish dish served as Satan's plan.

Again we encounter the medical plight,
Linking the apple with the gift of sight.
But proven not, so thus cannot be said,
Apples can heal, be they green, gold, or red.

What we do know, and know quite well,
Is the historical story of one, William Tell.
Who shot an apple from the head of his son,
In fear of execution for what he had done.

And as an apple fell from a tree,
It gave Sir Isaacs Newton his theory.
The theory of universal gravitation,
As well as that of the earth's rotation.

And names adopted such as the city, New York.
Known as the, 'Big Apple, ' in conversational talk.
A name taken merely by chance.
Popularised by a whimsical dance.

'Apple of my eye,' is an age old saying.
A term of endearment, when relaying.
But again with reference to the organ of sight,
I wonder. Could my apple theory, be right...?


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My poetry tend to veer towards feelings of emotion. Love. Sex. Desire. Most of my verses will reflect these sentiments as I mainly write straight from the heart. 31 Jan 15.

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author avatar WOGIAM
4th Feb 2015 (#)

Kudos, i like the way you put the popular references about the word/fruit "Apple" to be some food for thought.
Well written.

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