Appreciate the Season

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Yes one should appreciate ones position as elsewhere others are not so fortunate

Appreciate the Season

How can we sit and think that we are feeling such joy
When we know that somewhere on the earth there is some little girl or boy
Who because of such fear and control by their political system
And because of such in their lives no form of joy will be imparting

Then too as we walked around in the snow or in the sunshine
Spending whilst shopping feeling that spirit of the Christmas time
Remember that somewhere on this earth some people are not so fortunate
Because of that fear fueled by unrest would cultivate in them a nervous state

As we looked into our children’s eyes see that hope so expectantly reside
Holding our hands and to that selected present our steps they carefully guide
Think too about that child who for all its life never even had anyone
On whom that can looked up with loving eyes and some hope upon

How the season is filled with parties and gift exchanges and well wishes set that stage
Then the next day one can see the remnants of the night depicting the wastage
But on the contrast in the season plenty of people are facing some form of starvation
Yet there is that feting and wasting perhaps taking for grated out situation

Sometime in the year the world was greeted perhaps by a type of rebellion
That had occurred in those countries of Egypt, Syria and Lebanon
Perhaps now those people are living in fear and too some form of anxiety
So there will not have any feeling to somehow enjoy any festivity

So this Christmas as we greet it with joy and share that cheer also too revere
That there has to be some thanks that we are living in this Hemisphere
And perhaps think about that this have brought to our lives some good fortune
Because it could have been us living in that part filled with that complication

Therefore it is important that this message is make quite clear to the children
That they should be thankful and so some appreciation for even the smallest item
Because somewhere there are children like then who will show that gratification
For being alive to greet the dawn which signifies, that they have seen another morning


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