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Walani Ndhlovu By Walani Ndhlovu, 13th Sep 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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A collection of poetry under the theme "nature". Don't miss it!


Out the trees are shivering from the cold
Mature leaves rebelling their native stem
And become refugees on the busy road
Where the city cleaner later sweeps them

She is never barren, blooming annually in spring
And lets them, leaves, in autumn explore their way
Where they are eroded by the broom, street king
So she is always blinded about their decay

She is a resistant against the light's speed breeze
And nods to the shake signing a secrete deal
Swing west, swing east, thanks the explosion will soon cease
For with calm winds nothing escapes my will

She rests a branch to a nest settler
Who sing her lays in favour of her past
And dances on her, plays on her etcetera
Then she shakes their beds when the evening light cast

I feel pathetic for her and her friends
For that outer shell-like coat is all they wear
Till in thunder, as the wise, his stem bends
Oh, poor tree why did you grow there?

The Storm at the Sea

The sky quacks noisy explosions, the ocean boils
Tides invade the coast, waves ascend their crest
While each stretch his neck, peep what he spoils
And praise the one who harms best

One ashore, the rest await
And they spot-rehearse ere their turn
Humans indoors, homes shut every approachable gate
While roofs disperse, expose in the rain

The beach, the victim, never addicts to the ruin
As the splash recycles it developing a new design
And the top sand is buried alive while the dead arise. In so doing
His plan is implemented, the thunders resign.

The Farmers Garden

In the farmers garden lies a weed
Gambling meals that crops feed
And labors the farmer to rake them all
As they are resilient, they annually grow

A forest of them wilts the enter farm
In camouflage with the stunted crops that surrender the harm
The farmer bid crops to be generous a while
For soon shall be weeding, they all smile

Light green and yellow unhappy field
Where no buds show potential for high yield
But with fertilizer the phenomenon is a lizard
That instantly changes colour, a harmless wizard

Not only is the farm a victim on weeds attack
But also a colony of pests in light hours and the dark
With diseases that spice the harm like cancer
Though costly, chemicals are the answer

n the farmers garden lies struggle
That makes him spend on great cargo
But for the harvest his patience won't wait
To let him recommend there is no sweet without sweat.

The Cycle

With thy presence nature's fed
Thy too clean the nature's bed
But all those favours are volatile
That take with them what makes earth fertile

Through the atmosphere thy droplets shoot
Onto leaves, roll down the stem, slaughter the thirsty of a root
But soon transpire, adventure in a hurry
And accompany thick pale clouds that slow and tarry

That lamp so generous to provide us light
But soon so cruel stealing the moist reserved for the night
Thou aren't king, but trade so we both gain
While the kind give, expecting nothing in return.

Happy Sun be my Friend

You left me alone
And really alone I was
Darkness came but found you gone
So did the sweeping winds onto a shiny rose

Now you are here in early morn'
With a knock on my eyes doors
"Alas! You betrayed me," I yawn
But still I'm on you to warm my bare nose

I let him evaporate the water I've drawn
Happy sun be my friend, I see him pause
By now a new gaze to him I stone
Watching him betray me again,off he goes.

Hail on my roof

"Knock, knock, knock," sounds hail
But seems not to know this structure well
He might be blind not to see the doors
Or might crazy that roof-knocking he adores

In a few knocks the kids are out
Not to let him in but swallow and shout
Let him to the ground he will melt
The fun of the day has been felt

He adapts to himself to a such quick change
And makes it fun, amazing and strange
But he still has miles to go
Through river, lakes, ocean and all.


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author avatar Walani Ndhlovu
Born and raised in his country, Malawi, Walani graduated at Mzuzu International Academy and attended a high school PG year at Taft school in Connecticut. His writing is a reflection of Africa.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Sep 2014 (#)

Lovely collection of nature poems, thanks for the share - siva

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