Approaching the Scent of Love

Walani Ndhlovu By Walani Ndhlovu, 13th Sep 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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A collection of love poetry by Walani Ndhlovu. Check them out!

Across the river to my maid

Down I'll ride to my maid
Across the water to the river end I'll reach
Where I'll see several smiles
As they saw me getting off the beach

My little boat shall wish to escort me
But he neither creeps nor has legs to walk
So he keeps on jumping up and down trying to peep
And blames the trees which won't let him see me talk

My hands shall be set to take out a gift
Nothing precious but a cloth covered in red
To indicate the love I've carried all the way through
So she sees my love before I take the morning bread

The little cloth shall be smart and well presented
For he has a crash on her as he once told me
So I shall grab him off her hands if she loves him a lot
To leave my maid alone and leave our courtship free

The crowd shall party and sing on the day
Tears of joy shall drip off her eyes when I'll carry her home
But before that I shall warn my boat
To float safely over the excited winter storm

Then down I'll ride back
Across the water to the other river end I'll reach
Where I'll see several smiles
As they watch us getting off the beach.

Socked in love

Here is my love that moves no step
To vanish the valley where grows a grape
My brain I wash the doubts suspend
Into the vacuum let the thrill subtend.

Into a white lengthy vale let my love be in
That sweeps them, notes blowing to the bin
For the jealousy winds won't cope with what pokes their eyes
When they watch us wed under cloudless skies.

Hooked in romance me and I mingle
Murdering the thoughts that kept us single
Abstract whispers of false maths now sound true
That one plus one is one not two.

My love and hers is a perfect bond
That makes our hearts sparkle stars and diamond
In a pool of love that glitters like sky lights
Where the astonished sun is hidden by the nights.

The words that define my need

Before thy guards I swear
To never dilute the love on you I smear
But before mine thou has to do the same
In case a foot steps a worm

Mine, heart, shall offer what thou desire
In the season of snow and that of fire
Ere I promise let thy mouth say my words
Dug from thy breast onto sweet throats of birds

Love needs no fund so I plea ignore my pockets
But diffuse thy love throughout me in a just, as with rockets
On the late dawn that's fresh and sweet
With vicious sweat from warmth and heat

My brain shall format all immoralities that hide
And look to the future that's clear and wide
After uprooting those planted deep
But I won't forget I've promises to keep.

In her memorial

That picture on the wall was planked from a book
As like her it does look
She who my eyes see no more
The one the winged serahs of heaven took

I stand along the sea and watch the furthest wave
In deep thought watching her hand swing to me, life's slave
Till my natural camera is turgid ready to rain
When my delaying minds view her entering a mighty cave

I scream wait, wait, wait but no voice enters her ear
And that calls tears, in my heart pokes a spear
"Bye bye," I quoth, "but see you soon
For in this loneliness I won't last a year.

Know this my son

My love on you son is a floating canoe you see from the beach
It supports, protects and puts you into shoes of a neighbour of fire
And it's different from the one I gasp from your sire
As his on me uptakes the seas through the breach

Mine sails through sources of fish
As you are at most dependent on me your mother
And that isolates it from that of your father
For mine is there to fulfill your wish

You'll trust me when you view him dictated by wine
Spending sleep hours at the pub returning when the next sun is due
While like a maiden I'm always here for you
But dare not to turn your back on him, just know this son of mine.

In love we are one

I survey thy love
It is my pride
Like amalyse on starch
We are consistent
Like socks and shoes
We match
Like Romeo and Juliet
We are a couple
Like husband and wife
We are one.

Love is a Vacation

It, the heart, is a relay of pleasure
While the brain, the share order dictates very measure
External organs, the messengers responding to stimuli
Making love a vacation not for leisure

Self-denying to excite your lover
Love in return, a salary so hot like lava
But it's optimum is a mystery
For no content of a human is seen but a cover

Love is a vacation with promotions from a worker to a boss
From which you can be fired as those who divorce
Or you can bond becoming antagonistic
A vacation where profits, the children, are valuable goals.


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author avatar Walani Ndhlovu
Born and raised in his country, Malawi, Walani graduated at Mzuzu International Academy and attended a high school PG year at Taft school in Connecticut. His writing is a reflection of Africa.

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