Are They Looking For Their Death?

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When Marzeus feels he's at a safe distance, he dares to look at what's happening. Everything is happening so fast.

He can see that the warthog has stormed out, and has dogs all over it. The dogs can't really seem to stop it, but they are hindering it as they are biting at it all over.

Are They Looking For Their Death?

Once it seems the warthog changes course, scares the dogs away just far enough for it to get away, and then it dashes away into a bigger hole.

This time it can back up enough so the dogs can't get to its head and eyes. Meanwhile it is chaos at the entrance to the tunnel. The dogs seem to have gone rabid with the hunting instinct that has completely taken them over.

Marzeus is very concerned about Wolverine, the husky dog with the crystal blue eyes. He wanted to shoot a movie with it in the very near future. It used to be an absolutely beautiful dog, but in recent years it got a small scar slightly spoiling one of its eyes, and at this very moment it also has a small gash on its snout right behind its nose. Marzeus was just waiting for that to heal so he can photograph this beautiful dog for his movie.

But now, it's obvious Wolverine is going to get quite a few more scrapes and bruises seeing as how he is the one most into this ... fight? Hunt? What is it? Why do they feel they MUST kill this creature? Won't they just let it be?

Marzeus decides enough is enough! He goes closer to see what he can do. Wolverine has crawled into the hole as far as he could go, and seems to be biting the warthog's snout as much as he can while the warthog is fighting him off with its teeth.

Marzeus grabs Wolverine from behind and pulls him out of the hole.

"Stop! That's enough!" he shouts. Once he's gotten Wolverine out of the way, he tries to chase the other dogs away too. Their urge to kill this creature is simply too strong to make it an easy task for Marzeus. It takes a few tries.

He takes a look at the warthog. The huge white teeth are the most prominent feature in the hole.

Like a flash, Wolverine is right back face first into the hole. Marzeus is very angry.

"Will you stop this nonsense now! There's nothing you can do to it hidden away in this hole!", he shouts at Wolverine and immediately grabs Wolverine from behind again.

But there is a problem. Wolverine doesn't move. Instead, he has started screaming like a scared dog.

Meanwhile the other dogs have jumped back into the action too and are right alongside Wolverine, biting ferociously at what they can in the hole.

And then Marzeus sees it. It's over, he thinks. Wolverine isn't moving, just howling. Marzeus takes as close a look as he can.

Wolverine's neck and head is pinned by one of the warthog's teeth to the ceiling of the tunnel.

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