Are inter culture marriages compatible in the family?

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Now a days inter culture marriages are more pronounced in a family in the society.such marriages strengthen the family ties and bond the family is really happy to note that man and woman come forward to know each other and take a strong decision to unite themselves through long cherished dream- marriage,though they are culturally separate.Only the communication language is the common thread.

What is culture?

Culture is the way of life of the members of a family in the society. Culture means the atmospheric medium encompassing right from birth,marriage and death.of a member in a family. The attires of male and female members of a particular family are quite distinct and praiseworthy. The residential accommodation is also separate. Culture embraces their speech pattern,behaviors towards elders, juniors,neighbors, eating habits,celebration .of marriages etc, celebration of pujas.The senior members are well attentive in the studies ,games and sports of their juniors.They encourage participation in cultural functions like theaters,drama,cinema and songs.The cultural families sit together, exchange pleasantries, participate in get together for discussions.

what is inter cultural marriage?

Marriage is sacred institution in which two adult male and female members come together of their own accord and get themselves united life- long. Generally the adult members come from different cultural background,knowing fully well that they have to learn the threads of the family as well as the society. as quick as possible.They have to adjust themselves with the new family members in their respective different cultural backgrounds.First of all they have to acquire the communication skill so that they may communicate with the members of the family. They have to gather knowledge about their eating habits so that he or she can adjust with full ease.The inter culture marriages are some sort of experiments so that they pass with flying colors.Both the members have a moral responsibility to remain alert in the new family set up. to maintain compatibility.

Role of individual members vis-a-vis the senior members in such marriages.

The married couple has a definite role to play in shaping his own family and the families of both the parents.The individual family members of both the families should be more compassionate towards newly married couple.They should understand the intricacies of different cultures.Generally it is the profession where the male,female members work together or it may so happen that they are students of higher studies ,they come together and intermingle with them,they are quite adult enough to choose their life partners and accordingly they decide to proceed in the direction of love and subsequently marriage. So the elder members have no other thought but to accept the fait accompli i,e, the marriage of their sons and daughters with whole hearted joy.


In the present days of modernisation,industrialisation and globalisation,the inter-caste ,the inter-province ,inter-country and inter-cultural marriages will gradually that extent that the senior members of the families will accept with open heart, The married couples will also accept their senior members with due regard and appropriate respect.Compatibility in such marriages will show the new light of the day.

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author avatar Charlene Collins
13th Apr 2015 (#)

I think that intercultural marriages can work when each partner respects the other's culture. Respect and understanding are crucial.

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
13th Apr 2015 (#)

thanks for nice observation

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
13th Apr 2015 (#)

Well I am Christian married Hindu and its not an easy union especially when the Mother in-law thinks she owns her son and tells the wife keep away because of the religion.

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
14th Apr 2015 (#)

Such inter religious marriages may face initial hurdles.In the long run such obstacles are removed from the family,if both husband and wife remain firm in their commitment and marriage.May God bless you! Thanks for nice post -lady alyanna-pramal

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