Are mythological stories baseless and have no truth in it?

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Stories of mythology can not be discounted in the daily lives of children in our society. Children are also very much interested to listen to the stories of Gods and Goddesses from their mothers and grand mothers. They also want to learn from the stories and its moral lessons in the process.

What is mythology?

Mythology is depicted as the oral stories about Gods and Goddesses from generation to generation passed through the ages.Mythology originates from the Puranic times. .Each country has its own mythology associated with its own religion and its civilisation.The Greek ,the Roman and the Hindu mythologies, to name a few, have a large no of stories in their own countries Mythology is the stories of the legendary sages,fairies, and the trinities of Gods,i,e,the Brahma,the Vishnu and the Lord shiva, which create profound impact on the minds of the Hindus. The stories of Ma Durga and her sons and daughters like Ganesha,Lakshmi,Karticka and Saraswati have created profound influence on the minds of all Hindus.We can not ignore the astrological influence of the stars and the planets on our lives.The story of Dhruba is so practical that we always remember with reverence to the Dhrubatara in the sky.. There are innumerable stories associated with them in our mythology. These are the indicators in the direction of our day to day lives. From the studies of mythology we come to gather our knowledge that the Sun has two sons- the Shani ( the Saturn) and the Yama(the king of death).In our Hindu mythology the shani maharaj is the king of sufferings.He is always with the weighing balance. With his weighing balance He measures our misdeeds and awards punishment to those who forget how to pass their lives with humility. Those who neglect the downtrodden. the lame ,blind and the disabled men and women are taken care of and subsequently suitably punished.The Shani maharaj rewards those who follow ihe rules of principles with clear conscience.Similarly the Yama maharaj comes to the deathbed with his own large volumes of notebook to declare whether the deceased would be sent to the Heaven or the Hell according tohis or her misdeeds and sins..

Its influence upon the people

The mythology was originated in the puranic days. All the happenings were recorded through the brain throughout the ages.There were innumerable stories in the mythology. Most of the stories were identified with the Hindu deities.leading to astrological influences our body and mind. In our Astrological charts, we find twelve houses whereat all the planets occupy their places except house of Cancer occupy the Moon and house of Leo occupy the Sun .All other planets occupy two houses like house of Aries and Scorpio occupy the houses of Mangal,house of Taurus and LIbra occupy the houses of Shukra, house of Gemini and Virgo occupy the houses of Budh,house of Sagittarius and Pisces occupy the houses of Brihaspati and house of Capricorn and Aquarius occupy the houses of Saturn .It may be stated in this connection that there is no specific house for Rahu (Uranus) and Ketu.(Neptune) and Pluto.The planetary movement of such planets ,specially the Sun the moon, the Brihaspati and the Shani affects the day to day life in a tangible way.


Under no circumstances the influences of mythological stories can be ignored and overlooked.Each and every stories has its own moral lessons.Our forefathers had no road, no sanitation,no cooked food,no medicines, no books, no writing notebook,no drinking water, no protection,no security,confronting dangerously, poisonous snakes and wild ferocious animals.Inspite of all hazards they used to live under open sky But they created stories after observing the furious nature.Though we may not believe in the stories,we follow the moral lessons.All the mythological stories are religious based.All Hindu deities have its own unique story based upon the fact that all of them are immortal and adored by all of us.


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