Are our moral values vanishing in modern world?

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Essay on how governance diminishes the virtue of tolerance in people by giving them channels to suppress ideas they don't like

Morality and Governance

Morality, according to me after much study and contemplation, has no firm evidences or any set principles. Circumstances arise where an act is considered to be morally right but the consequences are dishonest and vice versa. For instance, a bystander may lie to a huntsman that the deer has chosen right when it actually has taken left direction. Understanding good intention of the liar here, to save the deer, is crucial. Though sinful, the purpose and effect of his lie is respectable. In this regard, an action is to be deemed moral only if the nature of the thoughts behind it is positive. Such initial intention of a person is greatly influenced by his knowledge thus his opinion. We can confidently state that belief in morality is nothing other than opinion. However, least expectations must exist for different opinions and moral principles to be in harmony with one another. Forget conformity of opinions between two large countries, there are lot of conflicts even between two individuals due to differences in their beliefs. Nothing till today has ever come as a solution for such variances but the virtue of tolerance. Mishaps like gender-inequity, social discrimination based on caste, religion, economic background, etc. have continued for so long due to lack of tolerance in people. Government power has failed to combat these woes. Instead it has turned the problem more complex, basically in three ways; by preferably supporting certain ideologies, through the pretence of resolving the problems, and its blind intervention on confronting issues. In actual fact, most governments around the world have just diminished the virtue of tolerance in people by giving them channels to suppress ideas they don’t like.
Governance practices today have fallen short in providing people a common platform where different ideas and opinions can be exchanged by which understandings can be made to prevent clashes among different groups. It has moreover been unsuccessful in adopting strategies and measures that would bestow people to organically respect one another’s beliefs. Instead, many governments have succeeded in secretly supporting various groups of people having different ideologies to overrule others. Likewise, the intense hassle of terrorism is the outcome of prevailing favorable conditions to dispute over the ideas on religion, history and ethics. The most powerful commonalty destroys the other while government simply remains as a spectator of the catastrophe. It is moreover shocking to know some governments even persuade and promote terrorism by unsuspectingly facilitating favoured groups in terms of finance, arms and ammunitions, and also technical assistance. Such contributions from the powerful government sectors only promise destruction of already diminishing tolerance in people.
The other evidence of the failure of governments is the persistence of dowry-system in countries like India. In place of drafting innovative measures to tackle gender-inequity, government has been so reluctant supporting its stand with false claims. This ultimately results to a community dominated by powerful group of people. The male group overlooks their female counterparts. Rather than devising stringent law for defaulters, women are forbidden to wear short attires or exposing their body parts. Is this not a breach of human rights? In such manner, our governance has weakened the good value of tolerance in people to respect others’ ideas and opinions. Limitations to media-freedom can be viewed from various perspectives. A certain truth is that journalists are threatened not to cover on certain stories, sections of society, beliefs, culture and tradition, and even history by the authoritative personnel. By such restriction of media freedom, it is very clear that government is misusing its power against flourishing equity to people. The economically powerful people even influence government objectives and suppress the segments of societies they don’t like. The government has become so vulnerable to corruption and intimidation thus giving more channels to people to fight against each other.
In addition, an illness, the undying disparity in job interviews based on the candidate’s religious background, caste, economic status and not on his academic qualifications has made defenseless people more deprived of justice. The government is just pretending to be involved in resolving these issues. First and foremost, why do bureaucrats need to classify people at all based on their income, Higher Income Group, Middle Income Group, Lower Income Group, Economically Weaker Section, and so on? It is claimed such categorization is aimed at easy and adequate provision of services to the needy sections of society. However, it is clearly testified that above objectives are rarely achieved. Rather, the most profound results are the rapid increase in slums and population below poverty line. Have our economically underprivileged people improved from the government’s so called ‘adequate provision of help’? By officially declaring communities selectively as special, more chaos and discrimination have pervaded in our world. Disintegration of people due to classifications has prolonged the quest for world peace. Government contributes not much than just worsen the ailment by establishing more frontiers for societal divide.
Hence, to mitigate ever increasing bias which destroys tolerance in people, governance must be modified which can only be possible by the participation of all stakeholders. A vital revolution undeniably is the self transformation. Our view must change; our greed, pride, and jealousy must be transformed into the qualities of appreciation, respect and altruistic mindset. Individual happiness depends on happiness of all and one can’t deny the fact that wars and borders exist just because of our perception of duality. We think we can exist alone, fortified by physical boundaries but the law of co-existence has never failed. A simple evidence can be that however powerful and rich a nation may be, it always is deficient of one or the other thing. United States is the richest of all yet it depends for oil on Arabic nations. It’s confirmed war can’t flourish peace. If so, peace must have up shot us after the great world wars. At large, governments must collaborate wisely not only in terms of economic policies but also on humane aspects.

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