Are our thoughts really our thoughts, or not?

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The bible says that God's thoughts are not our thoughts. Where do our thoughts come from then, if not from the oneness that is God?

Does God think these thoughts first before he puts them out there into the Ether, so to speak, where all that we do then, is to simply tune into them?

Do we action God's thoughts then, thinking that they were our own

Read this article to have these questions answered!

Does God have thoughts? What do they mean to us?

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."

This quote comes from the old Testament book of Isaiah in the Christian bible. It is from Isaiah chapter 55, and is verses 8 to 9. This is the New International version's translation.

A lot of thinkers think that basically we are only what our thoughts have created us to be. They say that if we can alter our thinking, we can alter our lives. A few of them go on to say, that indeed this is the only way that we can ever change our life.

We must think differently to live differently.

Is this really true though, is there no more than this to changing, and to improving our lives? Do words themselves carry any power? Maybe our words are more powerful than our thoughts, or are they?

The word is not a thought but an unspoken knowing that emanates from God, and which is then picked up as a thought by one of us. God's words make your thoughts real to you. You cannot think other than what God has spoken into being.

All other thoughts are being distorted by your own emotions and fears, and it is because of this that you do not hear God's words of love fully as they are being spoken to you continually by him.

Our own thoughts are all based on fear, and not on love when they seemingly originate from ourselves like this. They are really still God's thoughts, but we have coloured them with our emotions, or interpreted them wrongly from one of our own fears.

We do not see the tree, we only see the wood. We forget that God as the tree also contains the wood. The wood is his thoughts, the tree is his love.

Words usually only speak from the knowledge of our thoughts, but to be alive they must also be married to the love in our hearts. Knowledge linked to love produces wisdom, which people will listen to more than just dead knowledge, which they could always have just read from a book.

Our thoughts on their own just reproduce what we know as head knowledge, but when we link our thoughts into the love within our hearts, we can then speak from a deeper level of real knowing.

We can then have authority in what we say.

What we say is now a part of God's truth. God's truth has now become our own wisdom that we can give out to others as words alive with his love. This is in contrast with our words just remaining dead in their vitality or aliveness, because they only contain only book learning, or dead knowledge, rather than living truth.

Words are based on knowledge, but the wordless truth is known only by love.

God's truths are only revealed to us when we love

Truth can be spoken only from the heart.

The heart must be allowed to place its words in your mind without your mind interfering, and replacing some of the truth with mere knowledge instead.

Love lives in your thoughts when your thoughts contain words of love. Words of love are positively energising in a way that lifts, connects and builds, whereas words that negatively destroy are dis-connective, disruptive, and pull you away from love.

Our thoughts are the mother of our words, but God is the father.

Marry your thoughts with his love as it resides in your heart, and your words will be full of his truth laced with your own wisdom of its interpretation.

We are all here to share our experientially gained wisdom of God's truths with each other. We all see things in different ways. There are infinite views into God's truth. One of these is your view. Be yourself, by sharing God's truth with others from your own unique position or perspective.

Each soul is a viewing platform for God's truth, and the viewing platform is described by thoughts that rest on it for a time. Otherwise thoughts are like birds flying around without a perch.

God's thoughts rest on you and you can then colour them in your own way by linking the new thought to past experiences with his love and truth, and so in this way you can share in the new wisdom gained by giving it out to others.

Our words are God's thoughts in sounds.

To go back again now to the opening quote, here is what it means to this writer.

God's ways are only your ways when your ways become God's ways.

God's thoughts are not your thoughts when you do not follow them, listen to them, or love him enough to action them in yourself.

When God's thoughts are your thoughts, your speech will also for all intents and purposed be composed of Gods words then too.

You will then be speaking God's truth by living fully from his love, and to my mind, that's the only way to go!

God's thoughts are our thoughts in disguise

"I want to know all God's thoughts; all the rest are just details."

It was of course that greatest of physicists Albert Einstein, (1879 to 1955), who said this.

If you have been reading my article so far, you will know that I am saying that the thoughts that he did have were indeed God's thoughts too.

Einstein more I feel wanted to understand these thoughts of God's.

All thoughts live within the infinite subspace of love just forever waiting to be thought.

Every possible thought already exists, and it just needs an apparatus or operating theatre to live in, such as a brain.

You cannot ever think a new thought.

You can only act on an existing thought in a new way, and in a way, this is because you now action it from love, rather than from fear, and so your thoughts can be connected together in new ways then too, rather than them all only remaining disconnected by your fear.

It is the types of connection of conjoining thoughts that can give rise to new choices or new discoveries, or which are responsible for any growth that is taking you seemingly away from the original thought. There are an infinite number of thoughts, and an infinite number of such permutations of connected thoughts possible.

Such new growth takes place from the new combination taking place within a vehicle, such as yourself. Thoughts cannot be combined or connected without creation providing such a vehicle that allows such a connection to take place.

God's thoughts can only be heard by him when you hear them within yourself. God's thoughts can only be turned into action, when you action them into being. In this way, we all help to make oneness become more alive within God.

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