Are the intersexes most neglected part of the society ?

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Role of inter sexes in the society are confused,rather not straight. Culturally they are different from the main cultures of the society. But they are the creations of the God. Psychologically they can not identify with the main stream of the life. Stigma and trauma create pressure on their body and mind.

Who are intersexes?

Inter sexes are those persons who bear both the male and female features on their own body and mind. The inter sexes are commonly known as transgenders/eunuchs .Biologically the inter sexes may be defined as the persons with a set of sexual anatomy that does not fit within the labels of male or female (e.g.,47XXY phenotype having penis and uterus within the same body.It may be clear if we define male and female on the same breath.Male may defined a person with a specific set of sexual anatomy (e.g.,46XY phenotype, penis,testis, coarse body hair,facial hair,pubic hair,higher levels of testosterone) pursuant to this label. Similarly female may be defined as a person with a specific set of sexual anatomy(e.g.,46XX phenotype ,vagina,uterus,ovaries,breasts,fine body hair,no facial hair, higher level of estrogen,) pursuant to this label.It may be stated in this connection that each male and female has its own 23 sets of auto -somes ,XY sex chromosomes and XX sex chromosomes respectively whereas the intersexes have anomalies of auto -somes and sex chromosomes.

Condition of intersexes in tne society

The inter sexes are born with congenital defects having anomalies of auto-somes and sex-chromosomes.The day a baby is born, the parents become remorseful with the malformation of the rudimentary sex organs of the baby. They become prompt for its rectification through the Pediatric surgery. The specialists take recourse to the surgical help and medication.But such attempts do not bear any fruitful result.
The babies are segregated from other normal babies in respect of education.
Psychologically the parents and such children become isolated from other normal children,They feel depressed,stigmatised and traumatised. As they grow up,they become isolated from their respective families. They form their own group and a separate community. Only in 1993 the inter sex association of North America was established to take care of their own plight. But before that there was no such association which could deeply look into its details.But such cases of inter sexes do exist in other countries.

Role of inter sexes in the society.

Apparently it transpires that they have a definite role to play in the society. They always move in a group from house to house in a locality where they search whether any baby is born. If detected they come in numbers and celebrate though their own style of dance. They demand their bakshis / nazrana from the new parents or the elders of the family. They always move with a jovial mind. It is also noticed that they demand bakshis when they detect a person who has purchased new residence in the locality, otherwise they are found in the intersections of the road at the crossings for alms. in the stranded cars. They always move around with a smiling face.They have no grievances against any body. Psychologically they are always upright and not down with emotions.


It is needless to mention that the intersexes or the transgenders should be given due protection of low so that they come forward with proper education and employment according to its ability. They are the part of the society. They are the citizens of the country. The central Government and the state Government should look into their plight and formulate suitable schemes so that they may take interest and get themselves involved with the generation of employment schemes.


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author avatar Charlene Collins
20th Apr 2015 (#)

It must be difficult to feel like one fits in with the general populations. My ex brother in law developed female breasts at puberty. He felt like he didn't fit in.

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
20th Apr 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing new experience.

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