Are there real Dexters around?

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What if there are real Dexters around who'll kill you if you've done something wrong


Dexter, a series where a man, who has urge to kill somebody got a code for killing from his father and started killing. The code is the rule which says 'you only kill people who are evil, murderer or threat to society'. As his father knows about his son's urge to kill, he transformed the urge for good of society. He is also a blood expert, a lab geek in the Miami metro ( Police dept.). So, actually he is kind of hero, living a dual life. A life known to everyone, where he is a good service man, an expert in his job, a proud father and a good husband. And on the other hand , he has the dark side which is leading him to kill people obviously with the code.

These psychic people like Dexter, are they really exist? I know people kill each other, for money, for property, for pride, in a war but killing people for , if I quote Dexter 'because I have to' , is really possible? I have heard about serial killer who are psychics who wants to prove something, or show something to the world but they are really psychic, not like Dexter , Dexter is living a common man's life. Is it possible for a common man to become a Dexter?

I think the answer to the all question is yes. Dexters are real and they are within us too. How many times we want to kill people who are bad or threat to societies? Obviously killing people is not a proper solution to a problem but a ephemeral relieve.

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27th Dec 2013 (#)

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27th Dec 2013 (#)

much wisdom herein but killing another only earns a ware...

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