Are you really HAPPY?

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Happiness Lies within yourself and please don't search it anywhere outside.

Are you Happy?

Dear all,

Each and every one of us actions in this world will be in search of something.The search may be either some or all of the following: Money , material, love , lust , pleasure , power , position , name , fame , achievements , freedom , support , leverage, peace etc and etc.,

Pleasure vs happiness - Please think for a while.

What according to you is the difference that it is existing between these two?

I have posed this questions to many and most of them ended up saying that both of them are synonyms. But do you think so , that they are simply synonyms of each other?

In my personal opinion, There exists a great difference between these two .
Pleasure is associated with physical as well as psychological(mental) level but happiness mostly comes from psychological level.

So why it is so important to think about these terms ? Definitely it is very mandatory to self-evaluate ourselves every now and then. Self- evaluation and self regulation is much important to one person as it will take us to the desired destination as in the case of a river flowing smoothly within the boundaries and serving many on the way and reaching its destination. Those who feel that they cant be controlled or regulated or bounded will be like uncontrolled flood which will be turbulent at all directions and it definitely won't serve any cost or either reach its destination as all its vigour will be wasted in vain.

Many of us, focus on attaining or enjoying 'sheer pleasure' rather than 'feeling the real happiness' .

And dear all, Happiness lies within and please don't search anywhere.

It is really very easy to find that whether you are happy or not. Jumping around in excitement is not the real happiness.Just focus in yourself and see how is your inner state of mind.

It should be at great peace and complete satisfaction.
It is the feeling of satiation from within.
It is the feeling of having no further expectations.
Do you think its impossible? My answer is 'No' - You can feel this feeling at this moment itself . Just all you need is to focus on your thoughts and feelings.

Mind is all- 'The hell of heaven and heaven of hell'.

If you are unhappy - You are the reason , i mean your mind is the culprit and i bet you , until you are changing your mindset you cant be happy all that you can achieve is some 'sheer pleasure' for a momentary period followed by heaps and heaps of new expectations , greediness and useless comparisons.

So, my humble request to all of you is, Please don't waste any single minute more in brooding with unhappiness. Start Living your Life in its real sense. ' Nothing is permanent in this world except the 'Happiness' which is within you.

Please don't Let loose yourself carelessly . Anything and every other thing can be stolen away from you, but certainly not the happiness as it is "THE PART AND PARCEL OF YOUR SOUL"

You need all things in life to exist in this World of uncertainty, but please make sure that you are not racing behind all these things at the cost of your Happiness'' or else one will be left with no chance except regretting for the rest of the life.

Don't Compromise on your Happiness at any cost..It will be the worst thing you can do for yourself.

With Love,
Yours Aradhya


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Dec 2012 (#)

Nice share, Aaradhya. I have written few articles on this subject in Wikinut itself. Happiness is a state of the mind. Contentment is needed but one can become lazy thereby. Each has own levels of needs and greed - so better to be aware of them. Thankfully, happiness is not the exclusive preserve of the rich - they want others to admire them but soon realize everyone is after their wealth only. This starts even when they are alive! Our needs are little so better to limit the greed. In sum, poor can be happier than the rich! - siva

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author avatar Aaradhya
16th Dec 2012 (#)

Thank you very much for the like and sharing such a wonderful thought...Certainly Happiness is not the exclusive property of anyone. I read your articles sir, it is really exemplary. Thank you..

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