Arnott in a Fashion Show

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We usually go to a fashion show to see the best and popular styles at a particular time and place. Arnott went too. But did he see fashions?

Arnott in a Fashion Show

On a lovely Saturday evening,
went Arnott to Hotel Ledra Marriott
to enjoy a fashion show
of batiks from Indonesia.

It was wonderful!
Several female models tall and beautiful
on the cat walk strode slow
in pairs with slow swings of their hips
and displayed lovely clothes;
of full cotton, shiny silk and other fabrics
of fascinating patterns, parti-coloured;
and of short and long cuts
in that fashion show.

But who would care for the clothes
however much beautiful they could be?
No, not young Arnott! Not he!
Only for those pretty girls did he care,
those models, their long sexy legs
and thighs fair;
and he fed himself deep
on their beauty as they walked
in graceful gait and intermittently
stopped here and there
to hold themselves motionless
in twists and carriage,
like pictures in carved wooden frames.

O, they were so pretty and fair!
those girls, their chests and backs partially bare;
Arnott imbibed to his heart’s content
the beauty of their postures, curls of their lips,
their expressions and smiles,
their tapering-conch-shaped eyes,
their okra-fingers, mascaraed eye-lashes
sleek hair and mysterious gazes
at favoured points in the hypnotised audience.

To Arnott, what was more important at Ledra Marriott
that evening was the beauty of the models,
their own elegance, not of the clothes they wore.
They would look as beautiful, he thought,
even in rags, for like a touchstone,
whatever a beauty touches,
in whatever she dresses,
is transformed into beauty too.

So, Arnott wasted not his time
looking at the objects that the moon shone on;
instead, he looked at the moon itself;
and clapped too when others clapped,
not for the lovely clothes the young women displayed,
but for their own beauty that they so bountifully shed.

Next day, when people asked him: ‘How were the batiks at the show?’
Arnott simply said, ‘I don’t know!’


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