Arrested by the style police: Fashion guru says no-no!

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I'm in the living room of our Nautilus Rock dwelling. But, I'm not alone. Harrison's two little girls and Elmarie's two little boys are making this place this spinning blur of noise and mess, as they play their heart out in this small living space of the apartment.

Arrested by the style police: Fashion guru says no-no!

Petros is sitting across me, and looks at my Nike shoes.

"Grand shoes you have there!", he remarks.

"Thanks", I say.

"Are they new?"

"No, they're not new. I bought them almost two years ago, and kept them in a closet so I would have clean, proper shoes to wear on special trips.

However, I forgot about them and never wore them. Then one day I found them, so I started wearing them on trips into civilization. If I don't wear them on these trips and vacations, they would never be worn."

It was so out of character for Petros to state a compliment to me. Can this be true?

Then, he continues:

"You know, guys around here actually wear leather shoes..."

The rest of his mumblings I don't even pick up, as I have instinctively shut out Petros' ramblings. I might have known his compliment wouldn't last long. Turns out he was just starting out with what sounded like a compliment, but actually wanted to tell me that my beautiful sneaker type shoes are out of fashion, and that guys around here wear one color leather shoes, like the pair he is wearing.

Meh, I'll just be old-fashioned or out of fashion or whatever then. Who cares about the fashion beliefs of some guy who clearly knows nothing whatsoever about fashion, as his looks have always throughout the years attested.

But, he's not done having a conversation with me. He now wants to know what business I'm in nowadays, and how I make my money.

But, with his first backhanded compliment, and meanwhile the children making so much noise continuously, running around past us and in front of us and sometimes wanting us to pick them up and play with them, I just reply:

"I'll tell you later; right now with all this noise I can't even think straight."

"I don't think there will be any less noise any time soon", he says, but it seems he has accepted my pull-out out of the conversation.

We never do resume our conversation during this vacation.

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