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Many writers write at different publishing websites in order to make their opinion known to others. However, it is important what you write.


Every publishing website has a content moderation system in place, which allows only appropriate content publication. In most of the cases, the procedure is not very standardized and depends on moderator who is moderating your article. Some moderators are more averse to the particular style of writing as compared to others. It is important to know, what type of content is not liked by whom. For example; Some of the moderators do not like articles which does a review on the existing articles.

What could be the Reason?

This is very difficult to predict as it depends on person to person but some of the general reasons could be:
1) Jealous of your innovative thinking (Less likely)
2) Could not understand your article
3) Wrong judgement of the intention of the writer behind the article
4) Less commercial value (Less likely)

My experience

I had tried to publish certain articles, which was a review on the existing set of articles. it was interesting for me to know that by combining the knowledge of the existing set of the knowledge created a new understanding which relied on the existing publication but made use of their information as examples and concept to suggest a new concept. After some articles publication, moderator started rejecting the articles as the perception of free riding was developed in their mind. The belief that this new article was used as the means for promoting previous articles overshadowed the logic visible in that article and my article got rejected. this same article got published when some other moderator looked at the article.

Writers Grievance System (WGS)

Certain websites have the stem in place to address the problem of writers and among them only some system have got satisfactory performance. In my case, I did not find WGS system easily available to writer and was left with no method to discuss this issue with the moderator. I came to know about moderator mindset in bit more detail through other articles publication and realized that number of links allowed per article is dependent on the article size, a information which was not provided to us.

This ordeal taught me to avoid sending review articles to that moderator and started focusing on other articles for publication. So, you should not loose heart if your article gets rejected, it may be possible that moderator is averse to your topic or your style of writing.


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