As A Young Girl

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As a young girl is a poem about finding out love isn't perfect or ideal and yet it remains forever with you

As A Young Girl

As a young girl I thought it was fate
That pushed us together before drawing us apart
I felt like when it came down to it, I had no say
I always knew it would be too late.

As a young girl I followed my heart
It knew what I wanted the most
So I pushed away my conscience
It knew with what I could bear to part.

As a young girl I followed you
No matter what was going on
I traced your steps with delight
With you I grew.

As a young girl I fell into puppy love
I always knew you were too good
I paid no attention, I needed you
And to this day you still own my heart.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
9th Feb 2014 (#)

I had no idea I was meant for you,
Met a demon and bade adieu.
She destroyed me completely as a Life,
As I fell crying for my loving Wife.

For with her came another malicious one,
Who thought my pain was her contriving fun.
Destroying my heart beyond compare,
Making it impossible to even repair.

For I lay bledding on the Ground of Life,
Showing I just wanted my true loving Wife.
Who was there weeping in the same fate,
Until I saw her standing there at heavens gate.

She held me close and brought the wave,
Showing the truth the creator gave.
Only to find I was weeping in Love,
Leaving just everything in heavens Above.

Coming down for her to hold her close,
Showing the gift in scnet of a Rose.
Whispering forgive me I didn't know its you,
Would you hold me as we start anew.

She looked at me in arms of death,
As I warmed her body in invisible stealth.
Don't die on me I need you more,
Together we'll build and make dreams soar.

She was motionless until I slipped the ring,
Holding her close weeping I began to sing.
Breathe for me Lady I am here with you,
Now and forever in everything you do.

I felt slight movement and I began to elate,
Showing the song now twisting all fate.
For I breathed life into her and watched her wake,
As together in life we small steps did take.

Recreating our happines with bound of Love,
Bringing the Angels from heavens Above.
Creating the allure that showed me Life,
I hold her close as she is my Wife.

With no other able to hold her heart,
Showing our dream together about to start.
Where all of Life now singing our Tune,
Showing truth of the rock within sand dune.

That brought about the blinding wave,
Showing the ultimatum the Creator gave.
Where all of Creation shuudered now to appease,
To calm the tempests of the raging seas.

Which sucked in emotion leaving all dry,
Making all of creation to now tremble and cry.
For that was the moment they began to see,
The true face of the real heart in ME.

Which beat for one and wept in blood,
Showing the tides that created a flood.
With no other able to salvage the past,
We went into the future now changing fast.

With all in curiosity looking at the face,
Showing the truth pouring at such fast pace.
While all of Creation bathed in turning tides,
Showing the fact with beauty that hides.

I am who I am forever will be,
This is my world and my family.
What I create is my anthem of Love,
Knowing all is taken care of in heavens Above.

I just walk on in the shades of Blue,
Into the future that no one else knew.
Breaking all completely with the Turning Tide,
For the truth of the treasure is buried inside.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 9th February 2014

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author avatar Taty
9th Feb 2014 (#)


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