As The Worm Turneth...A Dolorous End to A Fickle Lover

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Some people will not admit to their feelings of what they would like to do when they have been hurt or betrayed by a fickle lover...I have no problem writing about this although I would not do these things....dedicated to those who are putting Chemtrails in the sky!!!

I Will Come

Come to you I will when you call
Asking me again to be your love

Waited long I have for this
Then with my fangs your neck will gore

Come to you I do as before
Blinded by your glorious charms
And as we lie side by side
I'll cut your heart out throw it wide
To be eaten by mangy dogs

Holding You Tight

When you call my name
Wondering if I am there

Stealthily behind you I will crawl
Pull your legs from under you
Into the precipice you will fall

When in my arms I hold you tight
Pleasuring you in so many ways

You will not feel when up your backside
Plunge I do a sharpened knife


When to my home you do come
Tø see me as you may wish to do

The door I'll slam into your face
Never acknowledge you I will

If we meet upon the street
Strangers we will be

As if we never met before
Shared not deep intimacy

Your Destiny is Written

When on a bed of hay I lay you
And strike a match
The flame I watch
A burning pyre your bed becomes
You a charred and scorch-ed mass

All these things and more
One day will be

This I tell you now
Escape you cannot
No matter how you beg and plead

Your destiny is written for all to see


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
5th Dec 2012 (#)

well Steve...did not believe this would make it...thank you

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Dec 2012 (#)

No holds barred. Raw feelings leaving nothing to imagination. Another unique piece, Carolina, thanks - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
5th Dec 2012 (#)

well Siva another facet of my diamond turning ..i sometimes wonder at that vicious streak when so much of what I write is heavenly!!thank you for reading and commenting...i think a lot of folk dont have the guts to read this or comment...

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author avatar DuitByJames
5th Dec 2012 (#)

I see fury, more than scorn and pure emotion emitting from a star about to explode. Thank You, James

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
5th Dec 2012 (#)

i really have no fury and am not about to explode...just share what comes through to be written..but thank you James...

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
6th Dec 2012 (#)

Studying the human nature and behavior well cnwriter.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
6th Dec 2012 (#)

yes you got it Md...most people wont own theirs though, many thanks!

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