Ashamed to buy at PEP stores

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In this day and age, there are still people who are too ashamed to buy at clothing stores that don't have really expensive overpriced brand names, and instead keep affordable clothing stock. Like there's some sort of snobby stigma.

What's even more interesting is that it's usually really poor people who are ashamed to admit that they're not rich, who are the biggest avoiders of these shops that actually cater exactly for them.

Ashamed to buy at PEP stores

I walk into PEP at the Unitown Mall. I see this skinny young white guy sort of trying to walk with me all the time, but I don't pay it much attention.

Ooooh, look at that beautiful fleece jacket! I grab myself one. And there's a very nice jacket! I think I'll buy that too.

There is still that guy who was sort of acting funny, not wanting to be seen alone or something.

Mother comes to get me. She was looking for a new wallet for herself, since her previous wallet, one of those "Aluma wallet" garbage ones, broke at the hinges. She got one and now we can leave.

I'm standing in the queue at the till when she arrives and waits for me. There comes that guy who's acting all odd.

He walks around the barrier, talking to Mother as he's walking. Heck knows why he's talking to her when he doesn't know her from anywhere.

He's acting like what he's saying is the funniest ridiculous thing, and that he only came to this shop for the joke of it.

"...I mean look at this!", he continues, "...for just thirty rand! I'm gonna take it! Where do you get something like this for thirty rand? Hee hee hee!!"

He's holding out the pinkish peachy colored long sleeved top he is intending to buy, acting asif it's the most ridiculous thing but since it's cheap he's going to buy it just for the joke of it.

Ok, as he's continuing his speech to everybody he doesn't even know, just so they must know he doesn't usually buy here, I finally get what he's on about. He's ashamed to be seen buying from PEP stores, as years ago, traditionally PEP stores was known among the snobby brandnames-only kids as the shop where the poor and the black people buy.

I completely forgot about it, because I've been buying from any shop for decades and years, whether it be seen as a shop where cheap Chinese-made clothes are sold to the poor, or a middle class shop, or a shop with overpriced designer clothes for the snobs, I didn't care. I just wanted to spend as little as possible for the best quantity clothes of normal quality.

But now that I see this poor ashamed embarrassed weener buy here with a red face, I remember years back Petros and Elmarie and whomever, also brand conscious at the time, always acted like I was buying "fake" clothes or whatever if they knew something I was wearing came from PEP stores.

How stupid and silly they were back then! Of course, since then, Elmarie also started including PEP stores in her clothing shops. Petros probably wouldn't want to be seen dead in PEP stores, since he's all fake himself and pretends to be rich when really he's a bum and a loser.

Anyway, I found this guy today so stupid with his trying to pretend that he doesn't usually buy here but somehow came here just for the joke. Who's he trying to fool? It's obvious he really wants to buy here and can probably only afford shops like this now.

My guess is he was recently weened off his parents' care and now has to buy his own things, and realized that suddenly he can't afford all the snobby wasteful expenditure that comes with buying only overpriced brand name goods, and is now forced to look at affordable clothes.

And that's why he was sticking to me all the time. He didn't want to be seen alone here. He wanted to be with cool people, because if cool people also buy here, it's ok to do it.

Well, I didn't ever think of PEP stores as a place where losers buy clothes. It's just one of many clothing stores that sell clothes for whomever come to buy it. No stigma existed in my mind, but I guess many people still believe it's not where respectable well-off people come to. Idiots and their spending more than they need to! Haa haa!!

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29th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post nice poem!

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